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Posted by Henry Watson, Jan 15 2018 2:06PM

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Is anybody reading this ? If so please reply

Does anybody know of anything arranged for Guildford/Surrey ?
Rosemary Pharo
Jan 15 2018 2:32PM
I have asked Pennie Quaile-Pearce to let people know what is going on. Incidentally there is an interesting event in Crawley, which is not too far being run on March 10 by Christ Astell-Smith.
Amanda Clegg
Jan 15 2018 3:55PM
HI Henry - funnily enough I was reading my winter CThA mag and saw Penny's name - was wondering what happened to the meetings in Guildford! Hope you are well.
Jean-Pierre Guillonnet
Jan 15 2018 4:18PM
Hi Henry, I have read your comment but don't know of any forums in those areas at present. Kind regards J-P Guillonnet
Henry Watson
Jan 15 2018 4:35PM
It is good to know that people are reading this group.

A phone call earlier today to the head office elicited no useful help to contact the C Th A members in Surrey - all I could get was a vague statement that "somebody might phone me back". Not too inspiring, or at all helpful. They knew of nobody in the area who might co-ordinate things.

Julia and I had a very useful exchange of views late last year - I am hopeful that, even if the Association cannot or will not help, we can find a convenient place and time for some of us to meet exchange thoughts and partake of some refreshment !

Happy New Year
Henry Watson
Jan 15 2018 4:37PM

Can you provide information about this Crawley event - not to adjacent to me - but if it is the only event happening any time soon it would be useful to have details.

Richard Beed
Jan 15 2018 5:58PM
I am reading this.

As I'm new, I'd be interested in any group activities near me (Surbiton, Surrey)

Henry Watson
Jan 19 2018 7:11PM
Hi all,

It is important that therapists are in contact with each other for mutual support, exchange of ideas, and to improve service to customers by a personal knowledge of colleagues to whom referrals can be made

In the absence of any input from the CThA 'establishment' to achieve any of this recently in the local area I think it useful to let you all know that Julia and I have arranged to meet at 11 am on Friday 16 February in Crowthorne.

The venue will be :-
102-106 High Street
RG45 7AX

Parking is available behind the Crowthorne Inn opposite [I think that I'll go there for a pub lunch afterwards :-) ] and also behind the Co-Op which offers two hours parking free.

I do hope that some/several/many of you will be able to attend; Julia & I look forward to making new friends or renewing existing friendships. To help this, I will copy this message to several CThA Forums.

I am happy to be aware of your comments and/or engage in debate on the way forward on this topic.

Happy New Year !

Julia Godsiff
Jan 19 2018 7:56PM
Thanks Henry for posting this.

I'm looking forward to catching up and hope a few more can make it too - would be great to meet a few more like-minded people!
I have only recently realised that you need to click on an icon at the top of the thread to subscribe to this thread and hence keep updated !!

See you on 16th Feb

Nisha Jani
Jan 26 2018 7:46PM
good to know there are some others near me! Will try to come to Crawley meeting if I can.
Henry Watson
Jan 27 2018 12:58PM
Nisha - this thread is about an informal meeting in CROWTHORNE - I do hope you can join us.
Debbie Gadd
Feb 6 2018 7:32PM
Hello Henry

The last 'event' I went to, with Pennie, was in January 2017 and I was the only person who showed up!
The subject was head massage and breath work.
Since then I've not seen anything for us in the Guildford area.

Julia Godsiff
Feb 15 2018 12:54AM
Hi All

Just a reminder about meeting this Friday at 11am at Costa Coffee in Crowthorne

102-106 High Street
RG45 7AX

There is nearby parking in the Lidl car park, behind the pub opposite and also behind the Coop.

There is Henry, Carolyn and myself as far as I am aware at present. Please feel free to join us if anyone else would like to come along :-)



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