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Posted by Henry Watson, Jan 19 2018 7:12PM

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Meeting Therapists - Crowthorne

Hi all,

It is important that therapists are in contact with each other for mutual support, exchange of ideas, and to improve service to customers by a personal knowledge of colleagues to whom referrals can be made

In the absence of any input from the CThA 'establishment' to achieve any of this recently in the local area I think it useful to let you all know that Julia and I have arranged to meet at 11 am on Friday 16 February in Crowthorne.

The venue will be :-
102-106 High Street
RG45 7AX

Parking is available behind the Crowthorne Inn opposite [I think that I'll go there for a pub lunch afterwards :-) ] and also behind the Co-Op which offers two hours parking free.

I do hope that some/several/many of you will be able to attend; Julia & I look forward to making new friends or renewing existing friendships. To help this, I will copy this message to several CThA Forums.

I am happy to be aware of your comments and/or engage in debate on the way forward on this topic.

Happy New Year !
Deorne Richardson
Jan 19 2018 11:10PM
Hi Henry,

Great idea! I do hope to be able to make it work permitting.
I'm based in Windsor, and I'd love to meet other therapists in the local area to share ideas and even maybe some treatment swapping for each other.

Warm regards,
Massage & Beauty Therapist

Henry Watson
Jan 20 2018 7:32AM
Looking forward to meeting you, Deorne.
Please mention the occasion to any other CThA members you encounter
Fazlin Blakemore
Jan 20 2018 8:17AM
Hello, this is a brilliant idea. Just to also let you know I found a group by the name of :the therapy network group (on Facebook) also meet monthly all over the county. I found this so helpful.
Rosemary Pharo
Jan 20 2018 10:31AM
Henry, this is a great idea to organise and I do wonder if you would like to take on the mantle around Crowthorne?

Pennie is currently stricken with cold, as many of us have been. Guildford is not an easy city to organise the events in and we are moving the main Surrey hub to Working, so all members within reach of Woking look out for the first meeting which will be in Woking in February. As usual Pennie will aim to build the business success of therapists in a dynamic and inspiring way.
Henry Watson
Jan 20 2018 12:13PM
Fazin, many thanks for that helpful comment - however, for good personal reasons, I have a virtually zero face book presence. I hope we can meet.

Rosemary, Sorry to say that I am not a volunteer to take on any responsibilities. Just trying to achieve meeting colleagues in a café is already more of a hassle than I consider reasonable. and in any case, I live in mid-Surrey - Guildford. Many thanks for your offer to put the Crowthorne meeting onto the CThA facebook page.
Deorne Richardson
Jan 22 2018 10:29PM
Hello All,

I've placed this event in my diary, so I'm planning on being there.
Really lookingforward to meeting like minded people. See you all soon!
Lesley Stebbings
Jan 24 2018 6:12PM
Sorry can't do week days. Hope it's a good day.

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