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Posted by Susan Sidwell, Jul 12 2007 8:24AM

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What do I do now?

Hi anyone/therapists
I live in South Norwood/Croydon and have just taken my Reflexology/A&P ITEC exams. I know I have passed my Reflexology Practical but have to wait a few weeks to get the results of the theory exams (I think I've done OK though).
Can anyone offer me any advice about getting started on my client base. I've got to overcome the fear of actually asking for money - also how much to ask?
Terie Hopkins
Jul 12 2007 12:12PM
Your tutor should have covered this whilst learning, have you studied ITEC Business and Professional Conduct ... this is part of the practitioners "Diploma" ?

When costing treatments there are various aspects you will need to take into consideration.

*your time
*how much various materials cost
*how much overheads cost (lighting, heating, rent, rates)
*how many treatments you will be doing each week/month
*how much other therapists are charging in your area
*how much profit you would like to make .... the mark-up on each treatment

Good pricing is all about balancing .... mark up to cover your over-heads and to enjoy a profit.

Word of mouth is your best advertisment .... round up friends and family to advertise for you initially. Get your face/name known (Business Card/Leaflets needed !!) at a few Pamper Eves, schools, clubs and retirement premises hold these occasionally. Once you are known to frequent Pamper Evenings you should begin to build slowly. Also try voluntary work (hospitals/elderly) ... hard I know but fantastic practice and networking.

Though it takes much hard work and dedication ... normally a year or two to build as a Therapist. I always tell my students get qualified in 2 or 3 therapies you cannot earn on a living in just one alone.

Hope this helps.
Terie Hopkins

Susan Sidwell
Oct 31 2007 12:48PM
Thanks for your reply ... only just seen it I'm afraid! I happy to say I passed all my exams with credit and am in the process of getting things organised. I've joined the Int. Fed. of Reflexologists (the chair is Renee Tanner, whose books we studied with) and have sorted out my insurance.
Thanks for your suggestions I will certainly take your advice. The business course did cover these things, although it was only 2 morning sessions! I think doing some voluntary work would be a good start to keep my hand in whilst I get more paying clients!
Thanks again
Susan Sidwell

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