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Posted by Frances Kelly, Jul 24 2007 2:56PM

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Hello to you all , just to let you know that under Caledonian Group (Forums ) there is information re:workshops coming up throughout the year, these are open to anyone who has a geuine interest in complementary health.

Mariette Lobo
Jul 24 2007 3:17PM
Thanks, Francis. I keep a close eye and pass on information to my holistic therapy students and other contact/colleagues! Glad to know Caledonian is thriving!
Frances Kelly
Jul 24 2007 5:14PM
Thankyou Mariette this is us just really getting back into events due to a slow start to the year so hopefully this will encourage members to stay in touch and learn what is best for them, I hope your group is doing well and keeping in touch I just feel that most if not all our members have not listed their e.mail for this information, nice to hear from you

Mariette Lobo
Jul 24 2007 5:24PM
I think, with all of the changes going on within the CThA (there seem to have been an awful lot!) and the lack of support to/for local groups there seems to uncertainity amongst members and this could account for apathy, non-engagement and lack of support from members themselves.

I believe a new chair to the CThA has been appointed and will be announced soon. HOpe this is someone who is motivated, has vision, isn't afraid to take risks. I'm giving up my position as Tayforth Coordinator at the end of this year, after a 3-year stint, and as yet there is no successor - despite the many concerns about CPD, courses etc etc etc that are voiced.

So, I shall probably attending many of your courses for my CPD!

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