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Posted by John Dent, Mar 9 2005 2:29PM

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Reflexology during first three months of pregnancy

Can you advise if it is a contra-indication to perform Reflexology on a woman who is in the first 3 months of pregnancy?
Frances Scott
Mar 12 2005 12:43AM
My training is that reflexology is a contraindication in the first three months and thereafter G.P. or midwife consent is needed. However, I know that some reflexolgists do treatments during this time if they feel that they have the relative experience. The Association of Reflexologists would be worth contacting. Because there is a greater risk of things going wrong in the first three months, i.e. miscarriage it could be that reflexology treatments would be blamed, even if they were not the cause of the problem so it is a protection for the reflexologist. If there is a history of miscarriage or problems during pregnancy, reflexology may not be advisable at all. On the other hand it could help. Complicated........ Frances
Edith Maskell
Mar 25 2005 2:45AM
I should like to enter the discussion by re-iterating what John Dent replied to a student in an earlier enquiry entitled Case Study which reads

".... Learning all about contra-indications is a major part of your training. I would hope that you appreciate that Embody cannot handle enquiries that are properly dealt with in college......."

My response is that treating clients in pregnancy (whether in the first trimester or later) and during labour is an extremely sensitive issue and subsequently, a specialist skill. Therefore specific post graduate training is well advised if you wish to work in this area. Confidence in your own knowledge and ability is key.

Incidentally, I am intrigued that Frances advised you to seek advice from the AoR? For the record, there are 10 Reflexology organisations within the UK ....... all of equal standing...... our own Complementary Therapists Association is one of them!

Edith Maskell
Kaye Gambles
Apr 20 2005 3:56PM
In these sorts of cases, and do excuse me if I speak out of turn as I am not a general rule of thumb is 'If in doubt, refer them back to their specialist carer' In this particular case I would be inclined to say wait until the 4th or 5th month before embarking on any treatment.

Kaye Gambles
Lorraine Wright
Aug 29 2005 9:48PM
as a fully trained reflexologist,and a member with embody, the rule of pregnancy is no treatment for the first three months until the lady has had a scan, the baby and mum are both fine, then you can continue to treat the pregnant lady right upto delivery and even during labour.

hope this helps

lorraine wright
Chandrika Patel
Apr 29 2010 11:11AM
I am a qualified Reflexologist and a member of Embody and I say Reflexology before three months of pregancy is best avoided as in case of misscarraige Reflexology is blamed, but given light pressure it is quite safe, but again it should be done with GP's and District nurse's permission. Chandrika Patel 29 April 2010.

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