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Posted by Angela Rawlins, Aug 22 2007 3:46PM

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I have today been sent an email from Avalon couches. It seems they previouly traded as 'Darley Couches. This is their web site for any Darley customers.
Joyce Laurie
Aug 23 2007 11:25PM
I do remember someone posting previously on a website (can't remember if it was here or another that Darley had gone into receivership. Guess they have set up again?

Someone said they (Darley) had too much competition from companies advertising on ebay.
Angela Rawlins
Aug 24 2007 7:34PM
Hi Joyce

Well - I looked at the web site and it seems to only sell electric couches. I did email them about static couches and accessories - no answer as yet.
Jaquie Blaney
Sep 12 2007 10:32AM
Hi Everyone,

It was me that put the original notice on the forum board about Darley Couches going bust at the end of last year.

Avalon have also contacted me to say that they are now the new business of Darley and if I'd like to purchase from them in the future they would be more than happy to assist.

NO THANK YOU!!!! I cannot believe the cheek of this company. Darley went bust. They owed me either a couch or the money I lost through their liquidation and I have heard nothing from them nor to my response to their recent email as Avalon telling them again of my position.

My advice; steer clear, bad ethics. Purchase your tables and accessories from a decent ethical place such as the massage table store.

Glad I've got that off my chest - thanks!
Jaquie Blaney
Angela Rawlins
Sep 12 2007 1:52PM
Hi Jaqui

Sorry to hear of your loss - typical small creditors always lose out!

Well -I have emailed Avalon and not got any reply. I asked them about ordinary static couches as I would have liked to purchase some add ons to mine. The only ones they seem to sell is the much more expensive electric one. As they can't be bothered to reply to my email, I wouldn't give them the time of day! Touche
Caroline Williams
Sep 18 2007 2:38PM
I am looking for my first electric couch and would be very grateful for any advice. At the moment I am looking at Beautelle and Akron but any advice / suggestions welcome
Jaquie Blaney
Sep 19 2007 10:54AM
Hi Caroline,

I would again recommend David or Helen Woodhouse at The Massage Table Store. Their service, advice and friendliness is just excellent. They have a website.

Hope this helps,

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