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Posted by Michael Sullivan-Lozano, Sep 9 2007 10:51AM

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Selling your own Aromatherapy Products

I am interested in making up and selling to clients my own aromatherapy products, massage oils, bath oils etc. Are there any legal requirements I need to be aware of? Is it Just the client I am currently treating whom I could sell a preparation to or could I make up oil blends to be bought by their family members etc.
Gillian Kenyon
Oct 4 2007 7:17PM
Different insurance policies put different restrictions but generally, if you are manufacturing the product, from what I have seen so far, it is usual that they put a clause in that with an appropriate premium your insurance is for products made for client sale only. It may be prudent to contact your insurer and to ask about the cover you have already and the levels of cover that they can offer you in line with what you want to do. There are different answers depending on how you are operating and who /what the product is intended for as well as the volumes you are selling.

There are legal implications of manufacturing and selling Cosmetic and Skin Care products for general sale - are you simply blending aromatherapy oils into commercially manufactured and tested bases or are you manufacturing Cosmetic and skin Care products?. Have appropriate reaction tests been undertaken on your manufactured products ?. Have you been trained to maufacture the product base ?. Are you following and recording strict batch control data and retaining it for the required legislative periods ?

Why not start by taking a look at the associated Legal Issues & Regulations by looking them up on the internet ( or e-mail me at and I can forward you copies of the PDF files):

• E.U. Regulations on Cosmetics - 1999
• E.U. Cosmetics Regulations Amendments - 2003

One place to find out about training ion this area is by contacting Kolbjorn Borseth the proprietor of Aromatics. I have heard him speak and been to one of his workshops. He runs a number of training courses and is a wealth of knowledge about what can and can not be done in this area. He does charge for his consultancy and advice services but this is a cost that your should be prepared to accept if you are truly serious about setting up in business in this area. Kolbjorn has a great website that you can find at and he has a wealth of recipes and Newsletters that you can subscribe to.

As you appear to wish to become a manufacturer, you will probably be dealing with a number of different chemicals. Are you ging to be operating to appropriate Health and Hygiene legislation in your premises?. Are you disposing of waste product in an environmentally friendly way and according to current legislation?. Your local Health and Safety executive should be able to give you leaflets and point you in the correct direction here. Their number is in your local yellow pages.

An additional consideration is what is and isn't going to be covered within the scope of the new federal regulations being put forward for Aromatherapists under the voluntary regulation process. You would need to contact the appropriate Aromatherapy lead body in this respect to determine whether there is anything that they can help you with in terms of advice at this time so that you are well prepared when this comes into play.

Sorry not to be more specific but I hope this helps get you started in finding the answers to your question.

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