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Posted by Anne Jenkinson, Jun 21 2005 8:16AM

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Anyone interested in keeping in touch??
Exchange of news/ideas/CPD courses - maybe even meeting and forming a regional group??
Live in Yarra Junction, approx 75k from Melbourne.
Anne Jenkinson 59 666 482
Catherine Hunt
Jul 25 2005 11:28PM
Hi there Anne

Saw your note and just thought I would offer the hand of friendship across the great divide. My husband cousin lives in Melbourne, you never know, one day!!

Until then I hope you're able to keep in touch over the forums. So glad they upgraded the site and feel more in touch with people than before.

Personal email is or I'll look out for you again.

All the best and hope business is booming.

Catherine Biggins
Anne Jenkinson
Aug 10 2005 5:22AM
Catherine, hope you got the reply - looking forward to you dropping in for a cuppa one day!

New email address:

Gmail is terrific - anyone want info - drop me a line. Huge storage...

In the grip of a cold spell here in Australia- we have snow today. some peoople haven't seen any for 55 years!!! Everyone has gone snow crazy!!!
Yvonne Morrison
Aug 29 2005 9:54AM
Hi Just thought that I would get in touch with you after reading your note. Hope that your weather is not too bad - living in Scotland we are more than used to snow! Just finding my way round the Embody site and really enjoying the challenge. Not much use on the computer but Im learning fast!! If you can keep in touch. Yvonne
Anne Jenkinson
Aug 30 2005 4:56AM
Hi there Yvonne,
Well, it is a VERY WINDY day today - trees down all over the place and the lights flicker on and off now and again!
Which part of Scotland are you living in?? Had a wonderfully busy week with a weekend Indian Head Massage course and then 6 evening treatments for Aromatherapy and Reflexology. Just like double decker buses - all come together!! (I say this to a local Aussie and they look at me blankly ........ our rural bus service is dire - and what's a double decker again???!!)
Now searching for "volunteers" to try out IHM - I want a good few treatments under my belt before I opt for the Advanced IHM course. No national standards?accreditiation here - bit frustrating.
Stay in touch,

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