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Posted by Caroline Williams, Sep 21 2007 3:53PM

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Change of use permission for a business

Has anyone got any experience of this? I have found a shop I want to rent to set up my business but have to spend £290 applying for "change of use"as apparantly complementary therapies need a class 2 licence as opposed to a retail class 1. As it's a huge planning application form, takes 8 weeks, and their is no guarantee they will say yes, I am very nervous about going ahead with my plans and wondered if any of you have any experience of this and know how simple / difficult it is?
Joyce Laurie
Sep 21 2007 11:15PM
Hi Caroline, I have done this. You will possibly find that they won't have much objection about a holistic health centre. Depends on locality, parking, neighbours.

I will send you some more info about what I put in, i.e very little noise etc but am in London atm and haven't got my info with me here.

You may also have to do neighbour notification but the planning dept will tell you who you have to contact. 8 weeks doesn't take long but get it in as soon as possible as it is coming up to Xmas time and things slow down to sloth pace at that time.


Caroline Williams
Sep 22 2007 9:06AM
Hi Joyce
Thanks so much, very encouraging. It would be great to see what you wrote when you can send it to me - the form seems enormous!
Thanks again

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