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Posted by Ruth Maguire, Sep 22 2007 12:30PM

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Reflexologist Wanted

Hi Everyone

I am looking for a Reflexologist able to do 1 home visit/treatment a day, in Neilston, G78 next week. The time will be pretty flexible. Please e-mail me for further info if you are interested.


Gillian Kenyon
Dec 6 2007 5:19PM
Hello Ruth

We have a number of practitioner members in Scotland and are growing in numbers. If you need assistance from time to time as relief workers, ie to fill in during hoilidays, illness etc, please contact us.

All of The H Club's member practitioners respect each other's client 'ownership' and share work without poaching to ensure that clients who want and need regualr treatments are not inconvenienced when we are indisposed or unavailable from time to time.

Please let us know if we can be of service in the future
Gill kenyon
Founder member
The H Club
Ruth Maguire
Dec 6 2007 7:20PM
Ahh ..The H club, the answer to many of our problems,Embody will need to
watch out ;-)

Thank you Gill will certainly keep you in mind.

Gillian Kenyon
Dec 6 2007 7:39PM
Hi Ruth

Don't think EMBODY need to worry. We are simply a group of like minded practitioners trying to help each other.

We haven't the vast finances necessary, nor the wish, to emulate EMBODY or any of the other numerous professional bodies or institutes in this marketplace.

We just love what we do and want to promote the profession the best we can in our own small way. If we can help each other to do so, that is all the better.

Keep in touch
Gill k
Ruth Maguire
Dec 7 2007 8:19AM
I was only messing around Gill, good on you! It's nice to hear of others working together successfully.

Best Wishes


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