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Posted by Trisha Gabriel, Sep 25 2007 4:16PM

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Heart bypass

My husband suggested a friend of his has a massage to help possible sciatic pain. All I know is he had a double heart by pass 2 years ago, and has a troublesome vein in one leg, he also smokes quite heavily. Is it essential he has GP'S permission for treatment to go ahead, I am not sure about this, as he is under 60, and working as a builder, and his op was over 2years ago. Please advise..Thanks Trish.
Angela Bain
Oct 5 2007 6:07PM
I'm still fairly new to this and am still studying but I would have thought that due to the nature of the surgery that permission from the Doctor would be to your advantage. Also if there is still a dodgy vein then would this not be indicative of ongoing circulatory problems. I would definitely seek advice from GP on this one.
Angela Bain

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