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Posted by Angela Cooper, Oct 5 2007 8:54AM

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Holistic Massage and Multilple Sclerosis

Does Anyone have any experience with this client group?
I have a letter from my clients Dr. to go ahead but wondered if anyone had any thoughts/tips for me?
Sharon Lorimer
Oct 5 2007 9:26AM
Hi Angela,

There is a thread in the 'Discussions about Treatments' forum addressing this very subject - may be worth taking a look at?

Angela Cooper
Oct 11 2007 12:44PM
Thanks Sharon just seen it. Very interesting. I must say, my main concern is manual handling as getting my MS client onto the couch was really hard work!
Mike Colquhoun
Oct 16 2007 9:51AM
I know it sounds obvious but if getting a Patient on the couch is difficult then why bother? A full swedish massage can be given to a Patient in an 'kitchen' type chair, not easy addapting all your routines to the position but perfectly possible. I once had a patient with a simmilar problem and he had had bedsores on his bum from sitting so much for three years. He could stand at his zimmer for about two minutes whilst I managed to improve the circulation to the area and he died several years later with no bed sores. I would emphasise that I don't think it was the massage that healed his bedsores but the improved circulation allowed the medication and work of others to succeed. A rewarding experience for me as I felt I had improved his quality of life markedly.
Have fun if you try it

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