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Posted by Geraldine Tonks, Mar 15 2005 4:08PM

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Public Member Discount Voucher Scheme


Please could you provide me with more details about the Public Member Discount Voucher Scheme?

Thanks very much
Geraldine Tonks
John Dent
Mar 15 2005 8:07PM
Members of the Public who join Embody obtain (amoung other benefits) 5 vouchers to a value of £15.00 discount off treatments. They get £5.00 off an initial treatment, then 2 @ £3.00 and 2@ £2.00 off followup treatments. They are directed to our Find a Therapist to seek a local member to them and we give them the 10 therapists nearest their post code.

The therapist who exchanges the voucher obtain a rebate of £5.00. All is set out on the vouchers.
You can see the application form on the "Join" section under "Public".
John Dent
Gaynor Archer
Jan 23 2006 10:24PM
I was just wondering why the voucher scheme has been changed. I signed up for the scheme back in April, believing that I would have reimbersement for vouchers I took. Since then, it has been changed so that I cannot claim any payment and have to give £5 off each treatment.
I believe that complimentarty therapies should be affordable, and have kept my prices low to reflect £5 off is at least a 25% loss for me.
Gillian Kenyon
May 16 2008 3:15PM
Has anyone had ANY vouchers - I haven't had any, so whether or not there is a re-imbursement or not is somewhat irrelevant.

BUT, I certainly do find it somewhat disturbing that EMBODY can unilaterally have changed the way this voucher scheme operates without first highlighting it to the people who have agreed to participate.
Gaynor Archer
May 16 2008 8:27PM

Great to have a reply after 3 years!!

I actually received my first on line discount voucher the other losing £5 hasnt been too much of a problem so far
Gillian Kenyon
May 17 2008 1:04PM
Thought so, I haven't had anything from this yet - I am not sure it serves any purpose except to get us less money.

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