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Posted by Gaynor Archer, Oct 28 2007 9:50PM

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Reflexology and healing crisis

I wonder if anyone can give me some guidance?
I have a client who has bee coming to me for 8 weeks. There has been some success with symptoms such as "feeling the cold" that have been long lasting,and some previously sensitive reflexes are no longer painful, but she generallly finds that other benefits "wear off after 3 days". I did try increasing the treatments to being 4 days apart rather that weekly, but this didnt seem prolong the effect. Additionally, the client seems to have been suffering from a cold for the last 3 weeks and had a violent stomach upset 48 hours after the last treatment (she usually has chronic constipation)and the effects of this have lasted almost a week. The clients Gp said that she had "a virus", and I am not certain wether the client is suffering a severe healing crisis or whether her immune system seems to have been weakened rather than strengthened during the course of treatments. I have suspended treatment until the client is feeling stronger.
If anyone has experienced a case like this I would be very pleased to hear from them...I have only recently qualified.
Angela Rawlins
Oct 29 2007 6:19PM
Hi Gaynor

Don't be worried! It sounds to me as the lady concerned has a weak immune system - reflexology will not make it weaker, only strengthen it.

The 'virus' is an easy excuse! It depends on what the woman came through your door with to start? If she suffers constipation, her body is weakening it's self by re-absorbing toxic wastes. The FIRST thing this lady needs to do is to sort out her digestive system.

One can easily be too busy to go to the loo! The lady has to re-educate her bowel. She can try drinking a hot mug of water with lemon slice added each morning - then visiting the loo for say 15 mins, even though she might not go, this should be repeated to try an re-train her bowel, give her self time to go! ALSO - her diet and water intake must be looked at.

Fibre - porridge in the mornings is a good start. Veg, fruit AND WATER.

Echinacea is a good immune system booster - send her to a good health food shop.

Above all................ do not worry :))
Gaynor Archer
Nov 3 2007 8:14PM
Hi Angela

Many thanks for your reply.
We have been working on the client's diet...which was previously mainly salad and fruit plus protein, but to which she is now adding porridge and a bit more bulk....after all, her colon does need something to make it contract! What is confusing is that the client says she was never ill before she started treatment....even though she concedes that she must be getting rid of something. ( She had a course of acupuncture previously, and had the initial "clearing" treatment 4 times without being cleared.)
We are going to carry on with our sessions for the time being, so thanks for your encouragement.

Angela Rawlins
Nov 6 2007 8:36PM

Also, don't forget that constipation is 'holding on' to stuff and emotions and not releasing!

Her body was needing to 'let go' and thats probably why she feels ill!

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