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Posted by Ruth Maguire, Oct 31 2007 8:30AM

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Members Survey

I would be really interested to see the results of the members survey that was sent out a while ago. Will they be made available to us?

Angela Rawlins
Oct 31 2007 2:42PM
I also would like to know the results of the members survey. Also, did ALL members get an email or letter about it?
Sarah Bartram
Oct 31 2007 5:22PM
Hi i would be interested in knowing the results also
Angela Rawlins
Nov 1 2007 4:45PM
I've heard that they aren't going to be taken into account.
George B.
Nov 3 2007 10:19AM
I believe the results are in the Magazine, which is being printed and should be sent out very soon ( and which is I believe late - for which the CThA apologizes ).


Gillian Kenyon
Nov 24 2007 5:59PM

I read the artricle. It doesn't say exactly how many responses were gained but I am under the impression only about 500 responses were received.

Latest information I have seen is that there are about 100,000 practitioners in the UK. The survey is thus based on less than 1/2 percent of practitioners.

What was extremely worrying was the lack of full-time practitioners who responded. EMBODY pointed out in the survey - most practitioners seems to be 'hobby therapists'. It is very worrying that we are heading towards becoming a profession of 'hobby practitioners' rather than a full-time, professional and respected service.

From what I can tell, clients have no problem with getting 'cheap' therapies from friends and relatives. It isn't these they remember and talk about though. It is the treatments they have at the more expensive Spas, Hotels, Salons and Clinics that they recommend to others.

After all, Champneys, Hoarcross Hall and Bath Spa are all on the 'luxury wish list' and they charge an absolute fortune. It seems like the more you charge, the more people want to visit.

For those who wish to start up slowly, working at therapies on a part-time basis because they need to build a client base, it is important to remember the American saying - 'if your services are sold at a low value, your clients will hold your services in low value'. You will never get out of the trap of working all hours and not being able to afford to finish that other job you really want to give up.

Part-time therapists help keep the profession available and offer great service on a local basis to many working people. But we need to remember not to cut-price ourselves out of business before we even start. And that was the most worrying thing that the survey seemed to be revealing was happening.

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