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Posted by Gillian Kenyon, Jan 4 2008 7:12PM

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Opportunities for independent practitioners - mobile or home based

The H Club is involved in 7 different pro motions at the current time so I am sure that even if we have already allocated those waiting from your area when I post this originally, there are bound to be more coming along soon.

The current rate of client enquiries has been exceeding 20-25 per day across the UK. It's been quite exhausting trying to get back to everyone and ensure they are allocated to a practitioner as well as ensuring that new practitioners are recruited, matched properly validated as holding appriopriate qualifications and insurance first.

It all takes time but I hope that it is worth it to everyone in the end. I'll come up front - I am also a professional therapies practitioner. Over the last 7 years, I am some friends and colleagues have been trying to promote the use of independent therapies practitioners by the public. That is where our name came from - we are a club of practitioners working to promote practitioners and the services they offer.

We do not believe that complementary therapies should be delivered by nurses, doctors or other health professionals who are already over-burdened and trying so very hard to meet even the basic needs of those with ill health.

But, we are very clear about promoting to the public the use of professional therapies and wellbeing practitioners - those with quality assured qualifications, experience and insurance and a healthy working partnership and respect for medical professionals.

Some of our practitioners have had as many as 25 referrals in the last 2 months, although the average practitioner referral numbers appears to be from 6-9 depending one the number of therapies they practice. Obviously, the more therapies, the greater the number of referrals.

Not all the referrals are fee paying. Our promotions partners want somehting back from us so please be realistic. We need to give a little to get our names promoted. Hence, we have a lot of referrals where we offer 15 minute taster treats for FREE, oir where we have 2 for 1 (first treatment paiud at full price). Our rate for referral clients is ALWAYS at least £44 per list price hour so even when we pass clients who are at 25% discoiunt for the first hour, there is still a payment to the practitioner delivering the therapy of at least £33.

Please remember, not all promotions partnership clients convert to full fee paying clients first time but we have had a very good conversion rate when you consider these are completely new clients who are using indpendent therapists and not salons or clinics. Such clients are typically not used to visiting a salon or shop regularly and often have never had a treatemnt before except on holiday.

How many such clients do you get on to your books each month ? Certainly not that many I'll bet, even though you probably do have thriving client referrals from your existing client base. If you have a thriving client base like mine, created over a 7 year period, I'll bet it doesn't exceed 4 new clients a month.

So, if you know of any other practitioners who might be interested, or you are interested yourself, we welcome new practitioners as we are still receiving new referrals all the time. Please ask them to contact me with their location and contact details and therapies that they practice. They can send their expression of interest in receiving referral clinets direct to me at:


Gill k
Roger Phillips
Jan 30 2008 4:17PM
Hello Gillian
I have been Qualified in Holistic Massage for 4yrs now and run my own mobile massage business in mid Cornwall.
I understand that now and then you look for therapists in different parts of the country to help with promotions and alike.
Being in Cornwall i could cover PL post codes is this any help?

I offer a relaxing and deep tissue massage
I T E C Qualified
Fully Insured

Mobile Massage Therapy 07841748427
Home 01208 77613

Cheers Roger Phillips
Gillian Kenyon
Jan 31 2008 11:34AM
Hi Roger

Many thanks for your response. I certainly would be very pleased if you decided to join us as we have some areas of the country, south east, south west and London, where we are particularly finding it difficult to match clients with practitioners.

Sadly, it seems that in the south of england there are a disproportionate number of practitioners who have requested registration and then when they were sent client referrals - didn't even both to ring the clients. Hence we now have quite a shortage in these areas.

As I am currently in discussions regarding a major promotion to start at the beginning of March I am in need of replacing these errant practitioners with ones who will behave in a professional and respectful manner. It is hard work and takes lots of time to create these opportunities and I am only saddened that we are all loosing client business without coverage of these areas.

My negotiations centre around a promotion where over 1 MILLION vouchers will be issued for people to receive introductions to member practitioners of The H Club. They will be distributed in 350 different locations in the UK. The geographic spread of the locations will be:

North West – 58

North East – 47

Wales – 21

N. Ireland – 14

Scotland – 44

South East – 80

South West – 20

Central/Midlands – 58

If you or anyone else is interested in registering to be included in this promotion, please e-mail me for an application form. It would be helpful to supply your name, address details, contact number and therapies for which you are qualified and insured. Please also indicate if you work from home, mobile or a number of locations (include these postoced and address details too)

You can see our client web-site at This is still in its early stages of development but you can download a listing that sows the towns where we have practitioner members who are participating in our promotions. Not all our members do want to be in our promotions - we do do more than this. We aren't a marketing or work agency - we are ALL independent practising, professional therapists. It's just that we help each other promote therapies to the public and generate new client business.

I can be reached direct at

Meanwhile Roger, I shall send you more information direct by e-mail

Gill k
Annie Perks
Feb 23 2008 10:55PM
Hello Gillian,
My name is Annie Perks.
I live in Chiltern and South Bucks area,bordering Hertfordshire area.
My post code is HP6 5AA
I am qualified in holistic massage and aromatherapy. I am currently studying for reflexology qualification.
I would be very happy to consider any work that you can offer as I would love the experience.
look forward to hearing from you.
Annie Perks
Annie Perks
Feb 23 2008 11:00PM
Hello Gillian,
My name is Annie Perks.
I live in Chiltern and South Bucks area,bordering Hertfordshire area.
My post code is HP6 5AA
I am qualified in holistic massage and aromatherapy. I am currently studying for reflexology qualification.
I would be very happy to consider any work that you can offer as I would love the experience.
look forward to hearing from you.
Annie Perks

e mail address is
Ricky Osborne
Apr 30 2008 4:14PM
Hi Gillian,

I operate a massage practice in the Tunbridge Wells area of Kent. I offer massage therapy at my home, home visits and have access to 2 salons in the area. If I can be of aasistance with your referrals please let me know.

I'm ITEC Qualified and a CthA Member with insurance.
Sophie Le Tollec
Jan 20 2009 3:07PM
Hi Gillian,

I am Sophie Le Tollec, a Massage Therapist working from home only (I do not have a car). ITEC qualified for Indian Head Massage and Holistic Massage. Fully insured.
My home number is 01314664666. 5/3 Caledonian Road - Edinburgh EH11 2DA.
I used to be a full time recruitment consultant for years and I practise massages from home on a part time basis since 2004. I have just been on Maternity leave and now wish to practise full time my therapies: Massage Full body and Indian Head Massage - Reiki Master
I have also done Raindrop Technique with essential oils but I am waiting for another course in April 2009 which would allow me to be fully insured.
I am highly interested in joining your organisation and I would appreciate if you could send me an application form.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Sophie Le Tollec
Jonathan Carson
Feb 16 2009 6:36PM
Hi Gillian,
My name is Jonathan, and I'm a frustrated therapist, cause i am not getting the footfall I should be.

I currently practice from home, and Neal's Yard remedies.

I practice swedish, remedial thermotherapy, Thai yoga, Thai foot massage.

Currently training at LSSM (london school of sports massage) in sports and remedial massage. Also studying Myofascial release, and on-site massage, as well as reiki.

Please check my website, and you can call me on 0770 303 2181.

Many thanks,
Jonathan Carson.
Rachel Nkama
Feb 19 2009 11:44AM
My name is Rachel Nkama, a Massage therapist with ITEC qualification and fully insured and live in South East London. Currently in full time employment as BME Co-ordinator but seriously thinking of devoting time and energy to my passion as Massage therapist. Able to take on jobs btn fri and sun.
Please send me application form to join your orgainsation.
Contact details:
Anita Houser
Feb 19 2009 3:30PM
Hi my name is Anita

I am really interested in your posting, could you email me some more information please?

I am a fully qualified mobile therapist specialising in Aromatherapy, Natural Face Lift Massage and Indian Head Massage. I am also a member of CTHA and insured through them as well.

my email address is:

I look forward to hearing from you

Stella Hyde
Feb 20 2009 1:13PM
Hello. My name is Stella and I would very much like to receive further information and an application form to join the H Club. I am a qualified Holistic Massage therapist and also offer Thermoauricular therapy and Upper Body Seated massage. I reside near Heathrow and my postcode is TW18 4QD. Please contact me by email at
Dawn Symons
Feb 22 2009 2:07PM
I'm Dawn Symons, I practice in Mid-Cornwall & Central London if this covers any area you haven't already covered?
Please let me know!
Beatriz Fesser Almerigogna
Feb 26 2009 7:34PM
Hi Gillian,
My name is Beatriz Fesser, I think I contacted with you long time ago, but I don't know what happens that we weren't in contact anymore. Just let you know that I am interested in this opportunity to work around Bristol, I am mobile and I have a place where I do the therapies that is located in Fishponds BS16, but I can move around. My therapies are Therapeutic massage with 10 years of experience, Upledger Craniosacral Therapy I & II, as well as small courses complementing these main therapies. I will be happy to receive an application form about your proposal. Hope to hear from you soon.
Gillian Kenyon
Feb 28 2009 11:38AM
Hello All

We do have different opportunities arising throughout the year and so welcome contact from new members. To help us respond more quickly to people and ensure that improved matches are made, it would be really helpful though if you could save us time by e-mailing direct to

Please state if you operate from a) a home studio, b) mobile, c) other commercial premises and what days you operate from where

and send details of

Your full home postal address and postcode
Addresses and postcodes for any other premises at which you offer therapies
Contact telephone numbers
Treatments you offer

This information will greatly help us to respond to you

Many thanks


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