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Posted by Jane Meek, Jan 5 2008 4:24PM

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A big thanks to Edith and everyone else who took part in the exchange of views (November 2007) regarding regulation. For those of us who check in to the website only intermittently - too busy working,etc. etc., and yes, that IS a "head in the sand" approach - it was a fantastic opportunity to catch up on everything that's been going on without falling asleep trying to understand the ins and outs of the various positions.

I write this on the day the Times' lead story apparently announces imminent regulation of CAM. Haven't seen the article yet, though.

I look forward to getting comprehensive information from CThA and will meantime be checking out a few websites.

Alison Livings
Jan 7 2008 11:45AM
We should be in a postion very shortly to let all members have the full details of what is being offered in the way of Regulation. You will have until April to decide what suits you best.
Mike Colquhoun
May 30 2008 12:49AM
Hi Alison
June in a minute and no further information, could we have a bit of an update here please.
Alison Livings
Jun 2 2008 12:51PM
Dear Mike

We are still awaiting further information regarding regulation. Our Chairman Kush Kumar has a requested a meeting with the new Council in order for us to be fully briefed so that we can pass the information onto the members. Will advise as soon as possible

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