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Posted by Tania Burrows, Jan 9 2008 12:01AM

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where is there the most demand for therapy work in UK?

where is there the most demand for therapy work in UK?
Gillian Kenyon
Jan 31 2008 12:00PM
Hi Tania,

I have been trying to do some anaylsis for you from our client referrals but as fast as I am doing it the numbers are changing. At the moment I am getting more than 50 calls per day from clients from our promotions.

However, to give you a feel based on what I anticipate happening in the next few months, I am currently in discussions regarding a major promotion to start at the beginning of March. My negotiations centre around a promotion where over 1 MILLION vouchers will be issued for people to receive introductions to member practitioners of The H Club. They will be distributed in 350 different locations in the UK. The proposed geographic spread of the locations will be:

North West – 58

North East – 47

Wales – 21

N. Ireland – 14

Scotland – 44

South East – 80

South West – 20

Central/Midlands – 58

If you or anyone else is interested in registering to be included in this promotion, please e-mail me for an application form. It would be helpful to supply your name, address details, contact number and therapies for which you are qualified and insured. Please also indicate if you work from home, mobile or a number of locations (include these postoced and address details too)

You can see our client web-site at This is still in its early stages of development but you can download a listing that sows the towns where we have practitioner members who are participating in our promotions. Not all our members do want to be in our promotions - we do do more than this. We aren't a marketing or work agency - we are ALL independent practising, professional therapists. It's just that we help each other promote therapies to the public and generate new client business.

Sorry that I can't be more specific about where ACTUAL demand is but I guess you could do some lateral thinking on that. It would be a pretty safe bet to assume that the greater the population in an area, the greater the statistical probability that demand will be high in that area. Unfortunately the supply is also probably also high in that same area so your competition with other practitioners is likely to alos be high in high population areas. This does however assume a binomial distribution curve across areas in the country in relation to demand. There may be regional swings in that distrubtion curve depending on things like dominant culture - some cultures appear to me to be more accepting of therapies and treatments than others.

If anyone else has any thoughts on this, I'd also be pleased to hear about it.

I can be reached direct at
Gillian Kenyon
Feb 1 2008 10:52AM
I have just been very disappointed to find that EMBODY have just offered the ASDA deal to all its members but has not declared what payment has been made by ASDA to EMBODY.

Up until last night, I have been involved with a promotions house who were negotiating this deal and yesterday morning received verbal confirmation that the promotions house would be getting a PAID contract to deliver the exact same offer. Please note: The H Club would have been offering its members the opportunity to participate for free and without payment from the promotions house or to the promotions house.

Has ASDA made EMBODY the payment that it would have made to the above mentioned promotions house, who now inform me the contract was suddenly withdrawn yesterday ?. Alternately, has EMBODY received this approach from another marketing promotions house - if that is the case, why should the membership pay EMBODY to register to participate ?.

Please can I also enquire if EMBODY intends to continue generating work for us in this way and if it is thus going to become a marketing promotions house itself. Will you be receiving payment from the companies involved and getting we therepists to do the work for free - or should I say by paying £20 each to you to be listed on the EMBODY FOR YOU site - am I missing something or do we not already pay for that in our membership fee ?.

I have been involved with numerous marketing promotions houses for several years now and know that the sums they get paid are quite considerable, whilst The H Club has never had to make a payment to be listed with them.

The H Club runs a call centre and matching service for its member practitioners on these types of schemes - again a FREE service to our club practitioners. Is EMBODY also going to do this for the promotions it runs ?. If not, how are the voucher holders going to be screened and safety and security of the practitioners address details etc maintained ?.

Can you answer why we are being asked to pay EMBODY for registration and participation in these schemes when we are already paying you our membership fees?.

Can you also answer why we are being asked to pay further charges at £20 per year for registration on a promotion where EMBODY is not doing anything for us and is probably getting the payment that would otherwise have been made to a promotions house who worked to recruit and service the scheme ?.
Janet Pitcher
Feb 19 2008 12:01AM

I TOO would be very interested to find out what the outcome of this is and more to the point, what Embody has to say about it!!##

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