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Posted by Marianne Free Allitt, Jul 19 2005 7:07PM

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Embody Leaflets

I'm new to Embody and I'm just looking around the site trying to get used to where everything is. I've been reading on different forum strings about some Embody leaflets. Have these been sorted out yet and where can I get some from or is it still in print?? Many thanks!
Cheryl Millen
Aug 1 2005 8:12PM
i am also new to embody. i have actually seen business cards with the logo on. A therapist in Mote Park Leisure centre maidstone has them. they look very professional. Publisher is good for leaflets. if you happen to find out how to put the logo on leaflets designed by ourselves let me know
many thanks
Marianne Free Allitt
Aug 2 2005 9:08AM
Wow - a logo hey....does anyone else have this logo or know where we can get it from?
Derek Burke
Oct 9 2005 8:02PM
check out this for the logo

click on the appropriate discipline to open the logo, then right click to save it on your computer.
Gillian Kenyon
May 16 2008 3:30PM
Does anyone know whether members of the public have any idea who CThA or EMBODY are ?.

Your feedback would be greatly welcomed as it will help EMBODY target it's advertising revenues if the public / your clients, haven't heard of it except that perhaps you mentioned you were registered with it.

Feedback either via this thread or via our contact at would be greatly appreciated

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