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Posted by Claire Julia Brimble, Feb 11 2008 8:14AM

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Embody promotions

I would just like to agree with another therapists comments regarding the different promotions that have been on offer.

I thoroughly agree that the Daily Telegraph promotion was very efficiently and professionally run. The booklet was a far better way for the readers to source a therapist.

From the Sainsburys promotion I just had one booking from a lady who was already a client of mine!

I hope that Embody will try to repeat such a promotion as the one in the Telegraph.

Claire Brimble


Sarah Bartram
Mar 31 2008 8:53PM
I agree the Telegraph promotion with leaflet was great and i had a few bookings. The Sainsbury hasn't worked for me and no one came through that promotion ;((
I look forward to the 2008 advertisments as i've paid my £20 and will hopefully get some clients through this, i wish every other Embody member success as well !
Amanda Clegg
Apr 1 2008 10:28PM
How odd - one of my regular clients - yes, one of those who also gets a freebie via the telegraph as well - mentioned today that she hadn't seen anything about this year's telegraph promotion yet. I'm not a telegraph reader, so am none the wiser. Embody have not, I don't think, actually mentioned when the various promotions take place, which is quite important really, in terms of planning marketing and advertising etc. Have you two in this thread read any of the other correspondence about these promotions? there are many of us who are quite worried about them.

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