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Posted by Sarah Kuipers, Feb 20 2008 5:06PM

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DRAINED BY SOME CLIENTS? Protect yourself more effectively. CPD workshop -27th February 2008 London

This workshop is one of a series, designed to help practitioners focus on their own self care. Vibrant practitioners who are relaxed, balanced and feel nurtured on every level are more likely attract clients and therefore have thriving practices. So help yourself and your practice thrive with this CPD workshop.

Your Energy, Your Protection

CPD workshop in London
Wed. February 27th, 2008

Your Energy, Your Protection

This workshop will enable you to find the most effective ways to look after yourself energetically while you work. The most important factor in practitioner well-being is to remain connected to the flow of energy. In this workshop we explore different ways of doing this through awareness and focus.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

• Discover how to stay connected to the flow of energy
• Retain vitality, even while working with challenging clients
• Identify how and when your clients’ energy affects you
• Clear your energy system and your working environment
• Disconnect from patients energetically after a session

Testimonials from previous workshops:

“The workshop gave me the space and structure to pinpoint exactly where the problems lay…… The workshop helps you to shift the angle in a safe and structured way through Sarah’s calm and encouraging manner. There is a feeling of mutual support and respect within the group which facilitates true change.”
"I was beginning to find my practice burdensome. Through Sarah’s teaching I learnt why this was happening and some ways to look after myself. Now I carry my practice more lightly and joyfully. I highly recommend her workshops.”
Acupuncturist, London.

For further information about this and other workshops in the series,

Visit for further information
Or phone 01730 827052

Future workshops include:

Your Time, Your Boundaries Sat. March 29th, 2008
Your Stress, Your Management Sat. April 26th, 2008
Your Empathy, Your Protection Sat. 17th May, 2008

Sarah Kuipers

Sarah has over 20 year experience of working as a naturopath, homeopath and hypnotherapist. As a single mother of three children, she is familiar with the challenges of balancing work and home life while earning a living as a complementary therapist. Many years of hard work and poor self care finally took it’s toll and led to ‘burnout’. It became clear that it was time for a sabbatical. Without realizing it, she had been absorbing some of the emotions and energy of patients that she had worked with over the years. Fooled by feeling so energised and fulfilled by her work, Sarah believed she had no need to take better care of herself.

Concerned at the lack of research and information available to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners, Sarah embarked on a Masters Research Degree at Thames Valley University to investigate the effects of the close therapeutic relationship on CAM practitioners. This study has included an extensive review of the literature related to practitioner stress and also factors that reduce the risks of stress, empathy, compassion fatigue and burnout.

Concern that CAM practitioners are unaware of the risks of empathy and the potential long term effects of their work, led Sarah to develop this series of workshops. She is very keen to raise the standards of self care among CAM practitioners to enable them to create and maintain personal and professional lives that are joyful and nurturing on all levels, and reduce the risks of burnout.

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