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Posted by Treena Sanders, Mar 17 2008 5:14PM

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Protecting modesty at a health fair

I've been invited to do short massages at a health fair in my area and as its my first one I was wondering how to protect the client's modesty in such a public place. I've seen others therapists working at health fairs but never considered how the client got on to the couch without embarrassment.
Angela Rawlins
Mar 17 2008 5:50PM
Hi Treena

I've only noticed massage therapists doing neck, back and shoulders through clothes:))
Jackie Hilton
Mar 17 2008 6:37PM
I was thinking the same, do you know if clients were dressed or undressed on these couches? Perhaps a screen to change behind that folds away.
Good luck
Bev Nicholson
May 23 2008 1:37PM
I often do these taster sessions, I have a tri-fold screen which the client can remove their top behind, I wrap a towel around them, holding it together at the back while they lie down, I then open it bunching it at the sides to hide large breasts and unclip the bra. It works well and once you have done it once, it becomes a quick seamless movement while ensuring maximum modesty.

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