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Posted by Mike Colquhoun, Mar 19 2008 3:43PM

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Read some research to-day

First a couple to be read for their appallingly biased approach. Know your enemy
My inclusion of the second which is often regarded and included as a friend is not a mistake, as with much research it is mostly unread, if you read this publication I think any unbiased reader would quickly come to the conclusion that it is heavily biased against complementary medicine.
The usual argument put forward by this group is that there is little or no good research into complementary medicine and that complementary therapists don't do any quality research. There is excellent research into complementary medicine but most therapists don't read it and these people rely on that or expect that reading extracts like this from supposed friends we give up thinking there is no other. In some instances if you read the original research they have even altered the emphasis, a totally unscientific approach.
Please start reading research because we need to be able to refute these oft repeated untruths.
There is plenty of highly dubious research into all science let alone medicine so first of all sharpen up your critical skills.
In my own area there is a constant stream of enquiry into subjects like the most effective treatments for ‘low back pain’ and ‘frozen shoulder’ this is the equivalent of asking which is more economical a red or a black car. I don’t even read such stupidity any more either of these conditions have a multitude of causes and until you have isolated a cause, no treatment has any chance of being universally appropriate to your study group.
Another ‘study I have had quoted to me on three occasions is that which took as its starting point an identifiable group who’s sciatica all responded to a pain killing injection into the sacro/iliac joint. This seems great until it’s pointed out that there are no nerves within a joint so that for this to have worked the pain must have been caused by damaged bones [a choice of about six] or have escaped the joint capsule and been effecting the muscles [a choice of about fifteen] or have been combinations of these effects.
So first of all sharpen up your critical skills.
Depending on what you want to know about here are some starting points.
Honestly there is so much research and from such unexpected quarters is a favourite because it often covers stuff that interests me.
Find the time and go read and lets help each other here by putting in really good links here.
Yours aye Mike
Mike Colquhoun
Mar 19 2008 3:48PM
Back again because I failed to point out that to copy a link you only need highlight the text and then press ctrl+c and to patse it ctrl+V saves hours of laborious copying out.
Have fun Mike
Angela Rawlins
Aug 11 2008 4:41PM
Thanks Michael

I'll certainly have a look. Looked at your previous post!!!!!!!!! Sounds like he is in need of one himself!
Denise Garrett
Oct 26 2014 10:36AM
Mike, thank you so much for posting this article with informative links and I totally agree with your comments. I have enjoyed researching as much as giving therapies and have come to the conclusions if you want to be good at what you do, you have to have knowledge and this can only be done by researching yourself. You have set the ball in motion and the only comment I would make is, can this article and others, like it, be posted where us therapists are more likely to notice it! Keep them coming.
Mike Colquhoun
Oct 26 2014 6:18PM
Hi Denise
Angela posted after 5 months and you after six years, I don't think anyone is really interested but as a first step my web site is shall we be kind and say individual, but does contain loads of information and the results of years of resarch. all FREE!
Yours aye Mike
Denise Garrett
Oct 27 2014 5:09PM
Thank you, I'm interested in finding out more. Considering I'm new'ish to the CThA and the World of Complimentary Medicine, I've done pretty well in finding you and thanks to the CThA you're still visible, just!
Angela Rawlins
Oct 27 2014 5:21PM

I'm still listening Mike :)) thanks for your link
Mike Colquhoun
Oct 29 2014 5:53PM
Hi both of you well one or two more links I like. lots of info on mundane subjects we need. for identifying bits Probably the most useful to myself You must look at this INDISPENSABLE, by the way do you know Patients can have a copy of their MRI scan for as little £10 but they have to ask the right department. an entry point into a huge subject
and don't forget You Tube Tensegrity explained simply a starting point for Gunter Von Hagens' many videos
That'll keep you busy for awhile
Angela you must have some good ones, Denise you've also been looking at some where?
Yours aye Mike

Denise Garrett
Nov 3 2014 9:07AM
Hi Mike

Thank you so much for these! This is brilliant and I'm so glad I found you. My contribution is nothing compared to your knowledge and no doubt you know these already however, here are mine and when I find more, I'll post them.

Good health to you, both. Denise

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