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Posted by Leila Bux, Apr 7 2008 12:12PM

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Income/Mortgage protection insurance cover

Hi can anyone recommend a good reasonable insurance provider who deals with protection cover for income and mortgage for freelance therapists like myself.

thanks Leila
Grace Boateng
Apr 18 2008 12:01PM
Greetings Leila,

I've got my income protection with a company called Pioneer. I pay £38 and would get £600+ per month if I was unable to work. Not sure if that is good or not but it gives me peace of mind. Their website address is

Hope this helps

Leila Bux
Apr 18 2008 5:23PM
Thanks for the info Grace - very helpful - I'll have a look at their web-site.

Gillian Kenyon
May 16 2008 1:48PM
Hi All

Please do check before you sign up for this insurance what the small print is in relation to Self-employed people.

When income protection insurance is sold, the sales people are not usually clear about the fact that the criteria may be different for self-eomployed from employed people. There are strict criteria for self-employed people - whether they be sick or whether they be long term disabled, or simply don't have enough income. Obvioulsy, as self employed people are in control of their own workload and destiny, many policies of this nature will not pay out - they will keep taking your money thogh and not tell you about the tightness of their criteria until the sad event is upon you.

A few years ago these types of policy came under stringent examination for 'mis-selling' because you may not be able to claim as soon as you think.

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