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Posted by Michelle Gilberthorpe, May 2 2008 9:28PM

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Getting my details off a website - need help!

The website in question is I applied about three years ago to be added to their list, but had forgotten I had done so. Was googling my name to see what info is on me on the net and this came up. It still has my details, yet they have no email address for me to ask them to remove my listing.
Can anyone help????
Michelle Gilberthorpe
May 2 2008 9:35PM
Sorry, the address is a not a .com one
Roushan Martens
May 5 2008 11:16AM
Yes, I can see why you would want to get off this site! I had a look, and I don't know a great deal about websites, but it appears that it's been set up just for advertising, or that whoever set it up is no longer running it. There's a link at the top that says 'this site may be for sale' - if you click on that, it takes you to a place where you can send a bid to the owner. There's a space for a message, too. It may be worth sending something through this, saying you don't wish to be listed, as it does say it goes to the owner... Also, when you go to this page, there is a link at the top saying 'customer care' - this does bring up an email address: I guess these people have control of the website, so it may be worth emailing them. Hope that helps!
Michelle Gilberthorpe
May 5 2008 3:42PM
Thankyou for your reply, I will try what you have suggested.
Many thanks,
Michelle Gilberthorpe
May 7 2008 11:21AM
Hi I tried emailinf 'fabulous' but all I got was this reply:

"Hello Michelle,
Thank you for your email.
You appeared to have contacted us in error. The domain does not have any connection to
If there are any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Customer Care.
Kind regards"

I can't see any links on the top of the page when I go to it, even the one supposedly saying the website may be up for sale. Still need help please!!!!

Roushan Martens
May 7 2008 11:26AM
It's an underlined sentence at the top right of the top, dark grey section, small white letters: 'This domain may be for sale'. Click on it, and it takes you to a page saying 'This domain has been listed by the owner for sale through'. So it's odd that they're denying any link. Maybe they only forward messages. Hopefully, if you fill in the form on this page, something will get to the owner. I hope they respond!
Roushan Martens
May 7 2008 11:28AM
Oh, also, they're saying 'the domain does not have any link to fabulous', but I note the address you gave was globalmassage.COM...
Michelle Gilberthorpe
May 8 2008 1:31PM
Yes, sorry, afterwards I added that it was infact the address that was the one I needed help with, the .com one is completely different.
Unfortunately on they have no links that I can find.
Roushan Martens
May 8 2008 2:12PM
Oh dear, sorry, yes, I can't find anything either!

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