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Runa (Realising, Understanding, Nurturing and Abundance) Workshop

The RUNA Workshop

With Tom Evans, Chief Inspiration Officer, Psycademy

Realising, Understanding, Nuturing, Abundance

Does this sound like you?

§ You work in providing healing, therapy or spiritual guidance

§ You have trouble finding clients & those that can afford what you would like to charge them

§ You experience issues and conflict with charging clients

§ You are working long hours just to keep your head above the water

§ You are not getting results from current manifestation techniques like your Vision Board, your prayer or meditation or your Cosmic Ordering list

What will you learn?

§ The science and psychology of energy, attraction and success.

§ Experience a guided adventure into your unconscious and how to release issues from the past and connect with the successes of the future

§ Bring about a quantum leap in your potential to create your hearts desire.

§ How to eliminate negative thinking.

§ The three 3 minds and how to harmonise them for success.

§ The real secrets of manifestation, such as Cascaded Ordering and Ecological Manifestation techniques

What is RUNA? RUNA is one of many crystals buried in the Great Pyramid at Giza by the Ancient Masters. It is the crystal of Abundance and by meditating on it; it activates dormant strands of your DNA to bring Abundance into your world.

What previous attendees said:

"A crash course in understanding yourself."

"It has changed the way I think about my problems and how I look at life."

"Very uplifting, helpful and positive. See the world and have no fear.

10:00 am to 4:15 pm - 26th June '08

The hpd Centre, 137 Kirkdale, Sydenham, London. SE26 4QJ

Investment £95 incl VAT - teas & coffees provided

Bring 3 people for the price of 2 and book early as places strictly limited

Contact Kuumba Nia for details and to book on 020 8291 0816

About Tom Evans

Tom is an author, a business catalyst and a seer.

He works for an organisation called Psycademy in the role of Chief Inspiration Officer. Psycademy specialise in helping people move to their next stage of evolution and Tom's forté is helping people tap into their innate creativity and to The Source.

In addition to his talent as a creative writer, his 30 year career in the broadcasting and Internet industries has given him considerable commercial acumen and an understanding of advanced technologies.

He has a knack for making complex things simple to understand and for empowering others. From an early age, Tom took things apart to see how they worked. A scientist by training, he graduated with a degree in Electronics and, after training at the BBC and Sony as a broadcast engineer, Tom was running his first company at the age of 25. Since then he has successfully built and run several businesses. He is an expert not only at start ups but also with exits and mergers.

Recently he has devoted his time looking into how the most complex thing we know of in the Universe works - namely our Minds. What he has learned is that each and every one of us controls our world. It is not so much that "Thoughts become Things" but that "Thoughts are Things" !! Change your thoughts and the world changes around you.

What Tom teaches goes well beyond anything you will read or hear of in the so-called Secret - he has uncovered some real secrets, some new, some thousands of years old, some of which can only be passed on by oral tradition - as such, you won't find them on the web or in print.

Via a set of simple, elegant and thought provoking techniques, Tom can transform your world view forever and help you tap into your born right to happiness and abundance.

The RUNA workshop is the result of his many years of real world experience & research.

You can find out more about Tom at:

And on his blog for budding authors here -

Tom can be contacted directly at:


Tel: +44 1483 209560

Skype: evanst58

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