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Posted by Yvonne Morrison, Aug 27 2005 3:49PM

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Thanks to Embody I have received a phone call from a new client who got my name from your web site. He has now paid for £150 worth of sessions for his Mum! Many thanks. Yvonne
George B.
Aug 28 2005 1:48PM
Excellent, thanks for posting this Yvonne.

The adwords campaign now lands searchers at the new site.

We are now running adverts for Ireland as well.

Yvonne : You might like to update your listing by visiting

Use the Members section, Login details are the same as for this site.

You can add "About" text which tells the public more about your business, opening times, etc. and also upload a logo.

Let me know if you have any problems or feedback.

Best wishes,
George Barwood
Embody Web Admin
Yvonne Morrison
Aug 29 2005 10:03AM
Thanks for your help. I'm not too good on the computer but I am trying to learn (from my 16 year old daughter)! I have just spent the last hour going through the site and its great. Might have to restrict the time I spend on the site as I find it quite addictive!!! Yvonne
Marianne Free Allitt
Oct 2 2005 5:20PM
How do you upload a picture to the website?
Somehow, I have managed to delete a pretty little flower which was on my listing page (I assume embody put it on there!) as I was trying to be clever and do my own but now I've lost it!
George B.
Oct 4 2005 10:56AM

Use use the Logo Browse... button in "Listing Details" to select a Logo.

It needs to be a jpg or gif file of "reasonable" size ( say 10kb to 50kb ).

Embody Web Admin
Marianne Free Allitt
Oct 4 2005 7:56PM
sorry to be so daft, but are they stored in clip art or something? I get all of my business cards printed at vista print so don't personally have a logo on my pc I can attach...does that make sence??
George B.
Oct 4 2005 8:59PM
You may need to ask your printer for a copy of the logo?

Did they design it? Whoever did should have a copy they can give to you!

Marianne Free Allitt
Oct 7 2005 12:35PM
I get them from Vista Print....has anyone else used this website? BUSINESS CARDS....!
George B.
Oct 7 2005 1:44PM

I had a quick look at the site, it wasn't immediately clear if they would send you the .jpg graphic files for your or not.

Best if you ask them!

Best regards,
Gillian Kenyon
May 16 2008 3:39PM
Great to read someone has gained a client from the EMBODY site.

On a recent poll of practitioners and their clients - not one could say that they had had any referrals from the EMODY site, nor that the clients even knew who CThA or EMBODY were

I would be pleased to receivee feedback either confirming or contradicting this experience.

PLease contact us via

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