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Posted by Janice McHardy, Jun 23 2008 11:59AM

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Renumeration / pay

I am considering going from self-employed to being employed; Could any one tell me what the average hourly pay rate for a CIBTAC, CIDESCO and ITEC qualified Beauty Therapist and Complementary Therapist, with 20 yrs experience,could expect ?
I would be very greatful for your information, Thank you
Simon Grant
Jul 7 2008 4:45PM
Hi Janice,
I think it varies depending on the area you are in, here in the South West wages are fairly low. I know of a local salon that pays £9 per hour plus 10% of the charge to the client but they only employ you part time when it suits them, ie busy times. Another well known health farm charging £67 for a one and half hour massage pays its staff £6.30 ph, but they do employ full time.
Best Wishes, Simon
Adele England
Aug 11 2008 1:02PM
Hi Janice

I think £9.00 is too low as pay per treatment.
I was earning £10.00 up until recently but it was part-time, I already have a full-time job.
However I am currently taking over a holistic therapy business and I intend to pay any staff I take on £15.00 per treatment.
I feel this is more appropriate for this type of work.

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