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Posted by Sylvia Jackson, Jul 21 2008 11:12AM

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Thyroid Problems

On the 30th July, during 'This Morning' program on ITV 1, in the medical spot, Diana Holmes would like your support please, when she continues her fight over thyroid testing. She has an interview with Dr Chris Steel and would like you to ring in and register your interest or be prepared to contribute comments.
Sylvia Jackson Co-ordinator for West Mids North / South Staffs Local Group
Suzanne Brooker
Jul 21 2008 7:52PM
Hi, could you elaborate on what you mean by her fight for thyroid testing please??

Thanks Suzanne
Angela Rawlins
Aug 6 2008 2:47PM
Hi Sylvia

Pity I missed this one, do you know how it went. I have an interest in thyroid problems as a Reflexologist and see many ladies who have thyroid imbalances. A client of mine insisted that she was tested and they found that her parathyroids were not working properly!
Angela Rawlins
Aug 6 2008 2:51PM


I think she means that it is very hard to get the relevant tests from the GP and when they do, they quite often come back 'normal'. I have another client who has given up with her GP and visits a complementary therapy trained medical practitioner who has stabilized her with various herbal remedies and a 'natural' thyroxine. Synthetic thyroxine made her worse.

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