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Posted by Yvonne Jevons, Aug 25 2008 4:35PM

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Universal Reflexology and the healing journey workshop 27 & 28 September

Universal Reflexology and the Healing Journey Presented by Sally Teixeira MAR

Edinburgh: Sat 27th - Sun 28th September 2008
2-Day Workshop – 16 hours

This unique workshop will include your personally signed copy of the brand new double cd Universal Reflexology and the Healing Journey by Sally Teixeira and Courtney Ward. Sally gentlY guides you through the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of a full treatment of Universal reflexology to the magical music composed and performed by Courtney. The music is replicated on a separate disc as a Healing Sound Journey that you can use for your treatments or simply as divine inspiration. CD retails at £25.

9.30 am-5.30 pm
£195 with an Early Bird offer of £185. Comprehensive and detailed handout.

Open to anyone interested in learning more about reflexology and healing through the feet.
All enquiries welcomed!

Organizer: Yvonne Jevons
Tel: 0131 339 6896

Sally Teixeira MAR, Email:

For more information and

About the Workshop:
This 2-day workshop will teach you the theory, techniques and emotional/spiritual insights of Universal Reflexology and open your mind to the multi-dimensional aspects of true healing in an open, fun and relaxed atmosphere. You will learn how to consciously work with energy, intent, colour visualizations and a light touch on the feet. It will inspire you to look beyond the simple healing of a physical symptom and to understand the connection of our emotions and belief systems to our overall well-being and how this is all reflected through the feet.
The workshop will also introduce working with Universal healing symbols on the feet.
Both days will involve plenty of participation and extensive hands on experience as the treatment process is taught in full.Everyone will have the chance to give and receive a full session of Universal reflexology.

Universal Reflexology takes traditional methods of reflexology one step further as it truly addresses the balance of mind, body and spirit and how our long held emotions and memories are at the root cause of dis-ease. It incorporates colour visualizations, affirmations, a very light touch and uses each finger and thumb for their different energetic qualities which reflect the chakra system. The whole physical body is still worked upon through the feet but it enables healing to start from within thus promoting the natural state of perfect health and harmony. Universal reflexology invokes a wonderfully deep, relaxed state and can often be felt as a positively transformative process.

The Healing Journey - starts when you take your first steps with Universal Reflexology. Understanding how your emotions, memories and belief systems are integral to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being brings the realization that we alone are responsible for our own health, happiness and fulfilment in life. We all have the innate inner power to heal ourselves and our lives, we just have to be willing to first listen to our bodies, hearts and intuition and to then have the courage and trust to follow through. We all have innate gifts and potential and your inner being is just waiting for you to open the door to your incredible true self.

Sally Teixeira M.A.R - is a British accredited Reflexologist now living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She qualified in the UK in 2002, but it was 3 years ago when she met and studied with ‘The Universal Foot Lady ‘Chris Stormer that she discovered her true path in reflexology. The mind/body link to dis-ease and the spiritual aspects of our being were the missing links that suddenly made sense of everything. Further to treating clients, she now teaches 1 and 2 days workshops to share this healing reflexology and is also a channel for inspirational guidance from the Universe. Sally now regularly speaks at Chris Stormers’ seminars across the world and last year she founded Universally Rio, an international e-newsletter and website that brings together people of all modalities who bring healing, joy, peace and positive change to the world. Her vision is to help awaken people to their own inner potential and to inspire them to become themselves.

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