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Posted by Keeley Hartle, Sep 27 2008 9:10PM

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10 Minute Reiki Sessions


Does anybody here do or agree with doing 10 minute Reiki sessions in a corporate environment over 5 hours?
I personally find it to be a too short a time period to be in contact with so many peoples energy fields. It's almost like a conveyer belt of people coming through. Hardly a holistic approach to the health of those receiving and person giving the treatment.

Experience or opinion on this subject would be most helpful,
Angela Rawlins
Sep 29 2008 6:26PM

Yes, 10 mins is too short. I find the usual 15 mins short - but 10! Try and persuade them to do at least 15mins. By the time you get the person to remove shoes and lay down 5 mins gone already!!
Ivanna Davies
Nov 13 2008 8:42PM
ive just done reiki on level 1,DONE MY 21 days selfhealing and am treating member of my family now. really enjoyed it, have you had any experiences with reiki that you would like to share with me, just that im interested in what other therapists have experienced! it would be interesting to know what you have experienced!
Angela Rawlins
Nov 14 2008 4:10PM
Hi Ivanna

:) I'm a Reiki master and have been practising Reiki for some years now. So I have had quite a few experiences:)) Reiki is great - a friend of mine no longer suffers bad head aches after I gave her distance healing. When I am giving my son candle therapy, he also gets healing:) once he had an energy block and rocked on the table. I thought he was going to fall off!

If you have any specific questions, I'd be glad to answer them.
Kristin Taylor
Mar 31 2009 4:43PM
This is way too short! I'm not sure how I would do anything less than 30 minutes but I don't treat in corporate environments (yet anyway). Good luck! :)

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