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Posted by Angela Hartmann, Nov 20 2008 8:33PM

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Treatments for clients from other cultures

I'd like to start offering massage (incl pregnancy massage) treatments for people from other cultures (especially Asian / Muslim / Somali / Arab). To prepare I've started doing a bit of background research into issues like cultural significance and taboos of touch / bodyparts, approach to location and marketing (packaging of treatment), oils / clothed massage etc. There is not a lot of information out there - or have I missed it? I'm very keen to be pointed in the right direction for background info and would also love to hear from anyone with experience of massaging people from other cultures of how you adapted the treatment. Thanks!
Roushan Martens
Nov 20 2008 9:00PM
I can't advise you myself, but why not try getting in touch with local minority ethnic projects? I'm sure someone there would be willing to help. I'm not sure where you are, but there is a project, for example, here in Edinburgh, called Saheliya, who have complementary therapies as part of what they offer to women using their services. Try looking on your local council website.

Good luck,
Angela Rawlins
Nov 21 2008 5:35PM
Well thought Angela, why shouldn't all women benefit from massage etc. I don't think you'd get men, but having said that.......... I've had an Asian gentleman for Thermo-Auricular Therapy(Hopi candles) I'm sure he was muslim.

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