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Posted by Joy Healey, Feb 2 2009 11:58PM

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An offer of free publicity

On Sunday our local group had a great talk, and it was good to meet up with other therapists, which gave me an idea for how we can all help each other.

I have a migraine blog, aimed at bringing traffic to my website.

If any therapists can write me a small (say 300 word) piece on how their therapy can help migraine I will post it in my blog. If they're willing to write me a longer article (say 900-1200 words) I'll introduce it in the blog and submit it via my article submission service, although I'd have to be listed as a co-author, otherwise my article service would reject it.

In either case contributors will have their contact details included, plus a link back to the migraine site.

If possible, a link back to my migraine site would be appreciated.

To give an idea of the kind of post I was looking for, I've already written my own sample, about the talk we attended on Sunday:

Hope some people will take advantage of this offer of free publicity. Contact me by clicking on my name in this post (I hope!)

Pauline McKittrick
Mar 26 2009 11:26AM
Hi Joy - Ive only just joined the forum - is it too late to write up a little bit about the benefits of indian head massage for migraine sufferers?

let me know via

Joy Healey
Mar 26 2009 4:08PM
Hi Pauline

I'd love to receive your write-up.

I'd been disappointed that no-one actually responded to this (until you did!)

Either everyone is so busy they don't need free publicity, or they see no value in their therapy for migraine sufferers - LOL!!

So, Pauline - yes please - I'll email you contact details separately, and anyone else who meant to reply, the offer is still open.


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