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Posted by Rachael Crow, Feb 7 2009 12:49PM

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Discover the Enneagram: TALK this Monday 9th Feb

Discover the Enneagram: The Blueprint of Life

An Inspirational Talk

Date: Monday 9th February 2009

Time: 7-8.45pm

Venue: The Pierian Centre, Bristol

Cost: £5

What if there were a way of discovering your own personal route to growth and happiness? What if this could show you your gifts and how to use them positively, whilst also showing you how to permanently let go of your negative patterns of thinking, reacting or behaving, patterns that can be self-defeating or destructive? What if there were a system that would enable you to have real insight into yourself and the people in your life - into the differences that exist between your inner world and theirs, differences that contribute to the communication problems that make relationship dynamics so hard - and consequently experience an improvement in all your relationships?

Such a system exists – it is called The Enneagram. The Enneagram knowledge describes nine fundamental personality types and their complex interrelationships. This wisdom was used extensively in Ancient times, to bring about self-acceptance and spiritual growth and to increase peace and harmony in relationships. It is even more relevant and necessary today, especially to those working closely with other people in business or in helping fields.

Here are some of the benefits of the knowledge of the Enneagram…

On a Personal level

Increases confidence, self-esteem and positive thinking

Allows gentle and permanent letting go of many negative patterns of reaction and behaviour

Brings about positivity and renewed sense of purpose

Increases compassion for self, bringing about self-acceptance

Reduces judgment and criticism of self

Within relationships

Gives real understanding of reactions and behaviour patterns that cause difficulty, conflict and pain within relationships

Helps us deal with difficult or challenging relationships – personal, work or friendship

Increases understanding and tolerance of others

Enables parents to better understand their children

In Business

Improves working relationships and enhances business procedure

Helps avoid conflict and increases understanding in the workplace

Improves communication between colleagues

Invaluable for those in counselling, therapeutic, or healing professions including traditional medical fields

Facilitates a real understanding of each patient/client as an individual

Your Speakers

For more than 20 years Veronica Croft has been working with people to help them understand their own patterns of thought, reaction and behaviour, always with the great desire to empower them to create more peace and harmony within their relationships and to live their lives as an expression of their true potential. Whilst training in emotional therapy techniques, she began studying the Enneagram. Veronica’s extensive experience in this field, coupled with her inspirational teaching skills and the spiritual approach she brings to everything she works with, culminated in the development of The Enneagram Programme, the life-changing course she and her son, Chris now teach to people from all walks of life.

Chris began his working life as a designer but soon realised that his true path lay in helping others via his natural talents of empathic communication and compassion. Having spent time in Nepal, India and Thailand, studying and teaching yoga, he then went on to study the Enneagram. Although Chris is still a young man, his insightful wisdom has changed the lives of many people he has worked with and his teaching is full of humour and inspiration.

Come and discover how to change your life forever!

01884 855759

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