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Posted by Debra Morrice, Feb 17 2009 11:02AM

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Inflammed muscles

I had extremely tight muscles at the top of my shoulder last night and started to massage the area myself with fingers and a tennis ball against the wall for 5 minutes. Within half an hour hour the area became very tender and inflammed. I put arnica cream on it and am this morning it is still the same. Has anyone any advice for me please?
Many thanks

Olwen Seear
Feb 20 2009 8:46AM
Hello Debra

Ice is very good for numbing pain and reducing inflammation. It sounds like you didn't do anything wrong with your treatment, deep tissue massage can cause discomfort for a day or two as it aims to release chronic tension in the deep muscle tissues. You will be sore for a couple of days then you will start to feel much better. Stretching and moving the area regularly will help too, as you do not want the muscles to tighten up through non-use.
Best wishes
Olwen Seear
Angela Rawlins
Mar 13 2009 6:53PM
Hi Debra

Get some Arnica pills from health shop - homeopathic ones. You can take internally and rub on muscles.

And hey - I found out that Epsom salt baths are great for aches!! Need a good mug full in warm to lightly hot water:))

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