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Posted by Beth Reynolds, Mar 15 2009 5:51PM

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Blending Aromatherapy oils for members of the public


I wonder if anyone out there has the answer?

When I trained as an Aromatherapist, they told us we could only blend oils for clients, and not for members of the public. When does a member of the public become a client.... is it as simple as doing a detailed consultation, or is there more to it???

I have the opportunity to attend a fundraising event, and would like to blend some oils for the people attending. I was thinking of giving each person a consultation, and then blending them an appropriate oil to take home and use, I was going to offer this as a free service, so not sure if that makes a difference. I would never make up batches of the same oil and hand out, as I hear there are strict guidelines on labelling and testing etc?

Has anyone else done a similar thing at an event or in there practice, or maybe you are an Aromatherapist that has had advanced training and have the answers! I am looking at doing some advanced training at the end of the year, but that won't help my current predicament.

I look forward to your replies.


Yvonne Jevons
Mar 15 2009 8:17PM
Hi Beth,
I understand your predicament. I have been using essential oils for around 16 years now. I would value an opportunity to discuss this topic with you and so have included my email below. You do have a few options and I would jump at the chance to be involved with this if I were you - I have done several myself and it's a great opportunity to learn and share the wonderful healing properties of essential oils!!

Kind regards


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