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Posted by Mansura Manji, Apr 27 2009 12:21PM

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rental charges

I have approached a clinic for hiring one of their rooms for treatments.
They would keep 40% per treatment. (60:40 to therapist)
This will include a couch, they will make appointments, take payments (which I have to invoice them end of month).
I have to do most of the marketing.

Is this a good deal?

Feedback welcomed
Paula Lancaster
Apr 27 2009 12:47PM
Hi Mansura
What therapies do you practise, and what are your charges? On the face of it I think that 60-40 to therapist is a bit steep 70-30 would be more realistic. The room is better occupied at that price, than being empty and bringing in no revenue.

Paula Lancaster
Lisa Holyland
Apr 27 2009 3:55PM
I Agree with paula, however I think you will find that most clinics charge at least 40 or even 50% to rent a room from them.

Rona Gray
Apr 27 2009 8:04PM
Likewise I know places that do 40:60 split...I work in a place that takes only1/3 but they offer very little and i get quite annoyed at the inconsistent service that is offered.....might be worht trying to negotiate a discount if you do a certain amount of business...think too that you are not paying when you are not earning...some benefit there!
Mansura Manji
Apr 27 2009 8:09PM
Thank you to all for your advice, I'll try to negotiate.
Thanks once again.
Caroline Tipler-Rowlands
May 3 2009 12:05PM
If you have to do most of the marketing then 40% is horrendous. If you are any good at marketing then you can set up your own business and get 100% less of course the overheads. It is the marketing that is the main issue. If they supply the clients even then them keeping 60% is too much. All they are doing is employing you and paying employee rates without them having to take responsibility for employment issues. I wouldn`t dream of renting a room based on percentage at more than 30% to them. Maximum. Caroline

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