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Posted by Suzanne Zacharia, Sep 7 2005 9:38AM

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Massage Interview Q & A

Abhi asks:

"I've got an interview with a health club and they say they also want to give me a trade test? I'm assuming (and hoping) that this is a demo of my massage style. Would the protocol for this be for me to wear my usual massage uniform and take oils etc? I usually just wear casual clothes to interviews, so I'm wondering if for the 'trade test' I should take my uniform and change in to it. HELP!"

This is indeed a demo of your massage. and yes, you take your uniform and oils and do what you normally do in the massage: consultation, massage, etc. It sounds like you are pretty clued up already and of course getting into a health club in the first place for an interview was hard enough, so it sounds like you are in a very good position already. Good Luck!

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