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Posted by Angela Rawlins, Jun 14 2009 1:22PM

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I have been passed this article which may be of interest to members.

Apologies if you already have this, it’s worth reading the home page and news section to get a feel for what this group is working towards, I also has to look up a word which I’d never seen before, included below,

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: anthroposophy Philosophy based on the view that the human intellect has the ability to contact spiritual worlds. It was formulated in the early 20th century by Rudolf Steiner and was influenced by theosophy. Steiner wanted to develop a faculty for spiritual perception independent of the senses, which he believed was latent in all human beings, and to this end he founded the Anthroposophical Society in 1912. Now based in Dornach, Switzerland, the society has branches worldwide.

Subject: Food, Herbs, Natural Therapies - GONE

This is really very important for us and our health

a law that will be imposed in december 2009, if we don't do anything against it. ... this is a valid petition to gather 1 million voices against the codex alimentarius. This law states that:

- all biological food must be irradicated
- genetically modified products don't have to be named in ingredient-lists, neither in the ingredient-lists of biological products
- nearly all of the homeopathical remedies will be taken from the market
- all healing herbs will be illegal
- most of the alternative forms of therapy and healing will be illegal
- alternative kindergardens and schools (like waldorf-schools...) will be illegal

The ELIANT campaign together with other campaigns are collecting a million signatures in order to file a protest against this law at the european court of justice.
A number of signatures above one million will enable us to do something on a european level.
At this moment we still need at least 260.371 signatures to reach our goal... yours could be the One.....

More information and online signing at

Thank You for your support!

Please consider signing this petition, as it affects us all - and forwarding this email on to other interested contacts
Angela Rawlins
Jun 14 2009 1:26PM
APOLOGIES - it seems this may be a chain letter that is incorrect, please go to the web site for clarification.

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