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Posted by Caryn Conacher, Jul 16 2009 11:59AM

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Reiki I II and Masters Training Available

Reiki Training…… held in an atmosphere which is relaxed and comfortable, there is no examination and as a manual is given upon completion of the course, no note taking is needed. A number of attunements take place during each training session these are the reawakening of your natural energy centers (chakras) to magnify the transmitting of magnetic life force which is something we all have as our birthright.

Reiki One ……….is where four of your energy centers (chakras) is reawakened and attuned. It is focused mainly on realizing your new level of channeling energy. You will be taught how to self heal and to heal family and friends. A commitment of 21 days self healing follows this course.

Reiki Two………is where further attunements take place along with the teaching of three symbols. This stage is for those who have achieved a deeper commitment and understanding of Reiki and wish to become a practitioner. You will be taught distant healing and Reiki positions for specific illnesses. As before, a commitment of 21 days self healing follows this course.

Reiki Three (Masters Course) ……is where the last attunements take place along with a further one symbol. This final stage is for those who wish to teach Reiki and should not be taken on lightly, it requires a lot of dedication and desire to continue learning by healing experience.

Course Fees……
Reiki One £80
Reiki Two £130
Reiki Three £750

Contact me on 0117 9029621 or email me at

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