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Posted by Yvonne Morrison, Sep 12 2005 3:27PM

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Reflexology for cancer clients

I have been asked by a client for some sessions in Reflexology during her chemotherapy treatments. Is this safe? Her doctors have approved this but I wondered when I stand by way of insurance.
Angela Rawlins
Sep 16 2005 6:03PM
Hi Yvonne

I have treated two cancer patients, both of whom unfortunately were terminal.

One was a friend and I used to give her reflexology before her chemo treatment to boost her immune system. She was quite good after her chemo. The side effects were less troublesome.

I am also a member of The Association of Reflexologists and attended a seminar on treating Cancer Patients by a lady called Edwina Hodgkinson. She was a qualified nurse by first profession and works in the North, I think Manchester. She does an enormous amounts of reflexology on cancer patients.

It is important to give light treatments and adjust your normal working position to accommodate the clients comfort. Also you may have to reduce the treatment time, be guided by your client.


David Sowden
Oct 10 2005 4:26PM
Hi ya

I used to work at a hospice. It was considered fine to use reflexology with cancer patients in a gentle (subtle) fashion, so reducing side affects and providing palliative care. The risk of cancer spreading was considered miminal and completely outweighted by the benefits. The emphasis was on treating the whole person, body, mind & spirit. Don't live in a culture of fear, bring the "treat" back into "treatment", especially if the doctor says it's OK.

Best regards

Dave Sowden

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