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Posted by Susan Quayle, Sep 6 2009 2:00PM

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NHS Directory

Hi everyone,

Have any of you heard of or signed up the the NHS Directory. I was just interested to know what the benefits are, if there are any, or is it just another ploy to get us to part with our hard earned cash?

Any info would be most welcome.

Tonia Parsons
Sep 9 2009 4:20PM
I know of NHS Directory why do you ask how did you come by the question?
SWLondon Group and Mobile Therapist incl. RBMind
Susan Quayle
Sep 9 2009 7:20PM
Hi Tonia
I came across it when looking at someone else's website and I was interested to know more about the benefits it has to offer before I decide to spend any money joining.
Are you a member? Maybe, if you are, you could tell me what they have to offer a complementary therapist.
Thanks Susan
Angela Rawlins
Sep 13 2009 9:44AM

The NHS listing orginated some years ago. I signed up to it paying £50 per year, I got nothing from it. I do not think that it is actually administered by the NHS
Jane Roch
Sep 14 2009 7:37AM
I also signed up for it and got nothing from it. I would have cancelled my subscription for this year but unfortunately was too late!
Susan Quayle
Sep 15 2009 8:21AM
Thank you Angela and Jane, that is most helpful. It is, as I thought, just another way of getting money out of us - or am I just very cynical! It sounds like a brilliant and useful directory in theory, maybe in the future it will be worth having another look.
Thank you all for replying,
Tonia Parsons
Sep 19 2009 12:54PM
anyway further to our NHS Directory correspondence - aren't we all meant to be on the National Voluntary Register for Health Practitioners where since April 2009 all GPs etc go to find us so they can refer to us confidently knowing we are qualified etc... (it was all in Embody in Summer 2009 and National Newspapers) however it maybe worrying therapists as at a local meeting I recently had ..what are you telling us this for as we are not interested obviously not everyones thoughts as it pleases me to hear of the majority of us want to register with NHS professional bodies like this Directory you talk of.....I think people are confusing the fact of a register that you can voluntarily register with (nobody is making you do it) AND giving your services Voluntarily (for no fee)... Which to clarify means GPs say..advise patients to go to us for therapy and they pay a fee negotiated beforehand with the GPs in question...which is where things aren't as clear yet I know of GPs that have for 4 or 5 years recommended therapies and the patients are Private not NHS anyway...but you just need to keep up to date with local info at meetings within your area ie.what is happening with the PCT (that's where our meetings are valuable in many different ways and not just learning new therapies anymore.
Jane Pearson
Feb 7 2010 12:06PM
Hi Susan, I joined up and had no enquiries from it at all. I cancelled after a year and feel it was a total waste of money, do no t join would be my advice .Jane
Paul Stuart Morgan-Ayrs MSc (Psychol)
Apr 29 2010 12:13PM
If this is the same outfit I had dealings with ages ago then it is an independent marketing body that provides information around the NHS, but is not part of the NHS. They historically charge a nice big fee for adding you to a directory that is neither official nor statutory. I do not know any GP's who bother reading it, partly because it is not authorised by the NHS - they just have the NHS name in their title!
Angela Rawlins
Apr 29 2010 3:05PM
Well......... another con. They are using the 'NHS' in their title with the intention of confusing their targets - complementary therapists. There may be some legislation to stop this.

I have been having telephone calls from some organisation with 'BT' at the beginning of their name, which makes you think they are BT - THEY, are NOT. What they are trying to get you to buy is a listing on the web. DO NOT DO IT.
Dawn Spragg
Apr 30 2010 11:35PM
The following is from their official link;

This website has been produced by the NHSTA after consultation with the Department of Health and leading complementary medicine voluntary regulatory organizations, as an independent information source of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) it is not an official website of the British National Health Service.

When I was approached I did a lot of research and discovered that neither do they have any links to the NHS but I contacted some local friendly GPs that I deal with and they had never even heard of it. I didn’t even fill in the form.
The only Department of Heatlth (DoH) funded directory is the CNHC Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council) but even that is seeming to be a quango, don’t rush to join as yet I have seen no benefits after being a member for over a year. I’m doing my research now. I have even asked to go to the next general meeting as an independent witness; watch this space.
The question I would like to ask is “Why are the CThA doing more to Help us all in this mine field of registration and regulation? “. Why is there no warning ads in our newsletter and someone in the CThA researching valid and useful advertising mediums and weeding out the charlatans.

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