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Posted by Keeley Hartle, Oct 15 2009 9:29AM

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Thai Massage Schools in Thailand


Could anyone who has studied Thai Massage in Thailand recommend the best school to attend. I am looking to go to Thailand in January and study for two weeks. I have heard good reports about Wat Po and several schools in Chiang Mai. I just need to decide which is the best school to attend.

You advice much appreciated.

Philip Marshall
Dec 9 2009 5:45PM
Hi Keeley,
I really don't recommend Wat Po - their style taught is harsh and less suitable for Westerners and their classes are huge. Its more like a conveyor belt, unfortunately.

I have attended the Old Medicine Hospital in CM twice - and although they have doubled their prices and split their 10-day course into 2, they are still extremely good value and professional. The are also certified by the Thai Education Ministry. You really do need to follow both weeks (5 days X 2)

If you are interested in one-on-one tuition I am happy to put you in contact with my own teacher (Aree) in CM who has a PhD in Herbal Medicine - and is extremely flexible. A week or ten days with her will be more beneficial, but her certificate is only accepted in Thailand. Cost wise, she is even cheaper than OMH.

Enjoy your trip, and if you are studying at the OMH, be sure to check out the Buddhist Food Centre - with amazingly cheap and delicious all veggie restaurant!

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