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Posted by Amanda Pennington, Nov 4 2009 3:03PM

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letters after name relating to qualifications


I saw the post relating to letters after your name and also have the same question. I have just joined CThA (today actually!) and qualified this summer. I have a level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy.

I was told that before CThA you can put an 'm' which stands for member; should this be a capital or lower case 'm'? Also, is there a usual order for putting your qualifications and Professional Body membership letters after your name?

On a previous reply to the question I have asked, the letters relating to diploma did not state which level of diploma; is this the usual case?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Angela Rawlins
Nov 4 2009 5:02PM
Hi Amanda

I don't think there is any requirement to put what level of qualification after your name. I only put MCThA, ITEC, USUI, MAR(reflexology Assc.)

You can put anything that relates to your training where you have gained a certificate, so, that would include your Aromatherapy certificate qualification or even a membership to another body:))
Amanda Pennington
Nov 5 2009 3:04PM
Thanks Angela,

So I would put VTCT Dip.Aromatherapy, MCThA I presume?

All the best,

Angela Rawlins
Nov 5 2009 3:24PM
Hi Amanda

Yes that sounds ok..... Aromatherapy might be a bit long. Do you have a certificate board for that?
Amanda Pennington
Nov 21 2009 5:02PM
No, I will be mobile so wont have a certificate board. Do you mean you would just say VTCT Dip.?
Angela Rawlins
Nov 22 2009 9:32PM
Sorry Amanda I didn't make myself clear, I meant the qualification you got for your aromatherapy.
Paul Stuart Morgan-Ayrs MSc (Psychol)
Apr 29 2010 12:09PM
You should be careful using over abbreviated versions of qualifications. For example using simply VTCT or ITEC after your name might well offend the awarding body who have strict rules about the use of their names in marketing. This is based on the fact that by completing an award with them you do not become a member of them, as using those letters might imply, nor do they approve of you in any way. You should therefore clearly state memberships as discussed, but clearly differentiate between those and qualifications. This is why many therapists use letters after their names to denote membership, and then underneath their names state "VTCT certified xxxx therapist" or "ITEC aromatherapy award" etc. This helps to make it clear what you are saying. Do not forget we are all subject to trading standards and misrepresentation is an offence punished by a whopping big fine and a nice day out in court!! General rule of thumb - do not use abbreviations unless they are crystal clear and have been confirmed as acceptable by the college or awarding body!

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