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Posted by Lydia Nightingale, Nov 22 2009 6:43PM

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Auction of Beautifully Embroidered Blankets to raise money for Complementary Therapy Service

Below is information about this fundraising auction.

To view the blankets, send an email to and you'll be sent an email with a jpeg attachment.

Fundraising Auction of original artworks
for The Christie’s Complementary Therapy Service

Designed and created by Embroidery Students from Manchester Metropolitan University, each one of these gorgeous blankets is a creative masterpiece. Taking the theme of Nature as inspiration and applying diverse embroidery techniques to a variety of fabrics, a unique artwork was produced by each designer. The blankets provide warmth and comfort, but are also beautiful to look at and touch. They are an inspirational addition to a therapy room and an enhancement to creative imagery sessions. They are perfect for the home and would also create an ideal wall-hanging.
You now have the opportunity to own one of these embroidered blankets by taking part in a sealed bid auction.

• Via email: Include your name, telephone number, the number and the name of the blanket and the written amount of your sealed bid. Put ‘blankets’ in the subject box and send to:

• Via post: Include your name, telephone number, the number and the name of the blanket and the written amount of your sealed bid. Write ‘blankets’ in the top left corner of the envelope and send to:
The Complementary Therapy Service, Rehabilitation Unit, The Christie, Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M20 4BX

Your sealed bid must arrive by Monday 7th December 2009. The highest bidder for each blanket will be contacted. Once payment is received, each blanket will either be available for collection or can be posted for an additional charge of up to £10.00 for postage (Special Delivery) and packing.

All monies made will go directly to the work of the Complementary Therapy Service at The Christie. Donations to the Service may be sent to the above address.
Originally designed for the Complementary Therapy Service, the blankets were funded by Friends of Christie Hospital and May Draper Tea Bar. The blankets have been professionally dry-cleaned (some have areas of slight discoloration from organic massage oil).

1. “Rainbow colours” H142 x W116cm
2. “Afternoon Tea” H147 x W134cm
3. “Hearts and Birds” H156 x W128cm
4. “Circles in Nature” H138 x W126cm
5. “I See The Autumn Leaves” H143 x W127cm
6. “Complementary Zone” H149 x W128cm
7. “Cat Triptych” H132 x W145cm
8. “Transformation” H120 x W121cm
9. “Warmth and Light” H134 x W140cm
10. “Paradise Dreaming” H143 x W118cm
11. “Earth Energy” H156 x W130cm
12. “Dynamic” H142 x W130cm (x D7cm)
13. “Beautiful Bubbles” H148 x W128cm
14. “Swan” H145 x W119cm (double-sided)
15. “Landscape” H151 x W129cm
16. “Routes to Relaxation” H146 x W122cm
17. “Leaf Spiral” Leaves H155 x W133cm
18. “River” H145 x W132cm
19. “Babbling Brook” H139 x W110cm
Registered Charity No. 1049751

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