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Posted by Cindy Wingate, May 2 2005 8:01PM

Please do not use forums to advertise courses.

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Embody - Great Idea!

So far I am very impressed with the wonderful concept and hard work that has gone into creating this new image..... which is obviously so much more than just a glossy 'ghost'. I have had a short break, studying an open university course - (by the way, it is pschological biology so could I be given CPD points for that?) and am thinking of volunteering at a local Macmillan Centre. My 'thing' is reflexology, it's such a lovely therapy..... if it were compulsory I think we could change the World with relaxed and happy people! :)

Congratulations to the 'creators'..... please don't let it get 'stuffy'

Regards, Cindy.
George B.
May 4 2005 6:48AM
We are working very hard on marketing, although it may be a few months before you see very much in the media.

We are currently experimenting with a Google Adwords campaign to promote the Register.

I have just made a Reflexology campaign

To try it go to Google and do a UK search for





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