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Posted by Tiffany Suki Primrose Stephens, Dec 17 2009 5:02PM

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Introducing Triple Helix Energy Healing

I would like to introduce you to a different method of energy healing which I will be teaching in the New Year.

An Introduction to Triple Helix – Energy Healing

A symbol was given to me in a meditation in November 2008. I was told that was called a Triple Helix. At the time I did not know what I was meant to do with this but it became clear in October 2009 when I decided to develop this healing modality. I did a further meditation to obtain a name for the healing modality and Triple Helix is what I was given. I had completely forgotten about it since I did the meditation but all at once it made sense, especially as the other symbol I was given in the previous meditation was a heart. Heart based communicating, decision making, living and healing is a strong basis for how I conduct myself personally.

Triple Helix is a heart based method of healing which is also based on the following principles:

Life Force Energy.
Ancient approaches to understanding disease and body healing often viewed illness from the perspective of the human spirit, or the body’s life force energy. Oriental Yogis gave the name Prana to the universal principle of energy. Prana responds to the orders of the individual atoms, it is in all forms of matter but it is not matter.

Energy/ Vibrations
Hands on healing/energy healing has been practised for many thousands of years and was one of the main methods for making people well prior to the invention of modern/conventional medicine. The more modern concept of vibrational medicine is based on the principle that human bodies are made up of interconnected fields of energy.

Humans are multi-dimensional beings, we also operate via a number of life energy systems. These bio-energies flow into the cells and organs of the body through the 7 major energy centres / chakras. The word chakra derives from the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’. These energy systems are affected by different factors that can enhance or inhibit the flow of Life Force energy to the cells and organs of the body. These factors include our emotions, our relationships (to others and ourselves) and our thoughts.

Prana is used for healing purposes. The main principle is that by rhythmic breathing and controlled thought we are able to pass prana into the body of another person. By using the rhythmic breathing patterns and thought together it is possible to hold a high vibration of life force energy/prana. Upon receipt of the energy, the other person’s energy vibration raises to the higher vibration and thus the natural healing process is accelerated.

What Triple Helix can help with:
Accelerated Healing
Pain relief
Relief of medical condition symptoms
Stress reduction
Postural realignment
Unlocking & releasing emotional issues
Promoting a feeling of wellbeing
Balancing Chakras

Triple Helix Workshops

Here are some of the things that you will learn

Breathing, energy sensing and body awareness exercises

How to use life-force energy for healing.

To reduce pain and inflammation.

Postural re-alignment without manipulation.

To use this method for distant and self healing

To enhance your sessions by working with Chakras, Toning and Visualisation

Discover the Power of Heart based healing

In order to learn how to do Triple Helix for yourself, friends and family, there is a 2 day Foundation Workshop. This is a pre-requisite for taking the Practitioners workshop.

There is a 2 day Practitioner workshop for those of you wanting to become Practitioners and who have completed the Foundation workshop.

I am offering a 2 day combined workshop for people who have already done the Basic Quantum Touch workshop and wish to also be certified as a Triple Helix Practitioner.

The workshops are approved by the Complementary Therapists Association and their insurers.

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