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Posted by Roushan Martens, Jan 11 2010 7:31PM

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Accredited Level 1 Training Weekend in Bach Flower Remedies, Edinburgh & Glasgow

Level 1 certificated weekend course in the Bach Flower Remedies

Edinburgh: Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th March 2010, 10am-5.30pm
Glasgow: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th May 2010, 10am-5.30pm

£110 (£100 if booking at least 1 month in advance)for the last time - from autumn 2010 course fees £125.

You may have used or heard of Rescue Remedy, which helps thousands of people with nerves and stress every day, but did you know that there are actually 38 remedies in the Bach Flower System, and Rescue remedy is simply a composite of 5 of them?

The Bach Flower Remedies are a comprehensive system of gentle and effective remedies to help with emotional and mental states such as (to name but a few) fear, worry, anger, lack of self-confidence and despair. The remedies were developed by Dr Edward Bach, a Harley Street Physician, in the 1930s, to help ease emotional states that make life difficult, and that prevent us from fulfilling our true potential.

This foundational course is suitable for complete beginners or for those with a little knowledge of the remedies. By the end of the course, you will be familiar with all the 38 remedies, their indications and how to use them, you will know about the history and philosophy of Dr Edward Bach, the discoverer of the remedies, and you will have your own mixture of remedies to take home. You will be able to suggest remedies to friends and family for every day situations, and know about using remedies for babies, children, animals and plants.

On completion of the weekend (there isn't an exam, don't worry!), you will be eligible to receive a Level 1 certificate from the Bach International Education Programme. This will allow you to progress, if you wish, to Level 2 of the programme, and onto the final, practitioner level. The course can also be a stand-alone introduction for self-help and help for family and friends, and/or as part of your CPD. It is accredited by the Bach Foundation, the centre founded by Doctor Bach to continue his work after his death.

"The course has been absolutely fantastic. I have enjoyed every minute of it. Roushan has presented the remedies in a very useful, practical and imaginative way. I feel extremely empowered that there is a simple, natural way to resolve every emotion I'm experiencing or will experience at some point. I feel I've learned a life skill and can be helpful to myself and others in a variety of life situations."
- Gillian Duncan, Edinburgh

"If you are wondering whether or not to do the Bach flower remedy course, or any other course with Roushan, I'd highly recommend it. This is the second course I have done with Roushan. I learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. It was a really fun, relaxed environment including various learning styles and plenty of positive interaction with the whole group. At the end of the course, I felt knowledgeable and empowered about the various remedies and what they did and I felt excited and motivated to see what would happen for me with the mixture that we made. I've been taking my mixture of remedies for about a month now and I'm delighted with the number of positive benefits so far. I am looking forward to continuing to learn about and work with these simple and easy to use remedies that can be used in so many everyday situations."
- S. Scott, Edinburgh

"Extremely useful and helpful in terms of my personal development. I have gained a huge amount from it. I learned to apply extremely helpful and relevant skills to my everyday life, and that can be used to help others."
- Helena Porelli, Edinburgh

"Fantastic course – fully met what I wanted and exceeded expectations. I feel empowered and intrigued to find out some more."
- Course participant, Edinburgh

"I feel confident to use the remedies now and am excited about ways to help my family and myself."
- Course participant, Glasgow

The course will cover (with lots of fun and variety to keep you going!):

* The composites Rescue Remedy and Rescue Cream, how to use them and their various applications
* An overview of each of the 38 individual remedies in Dr Bach’s system and their indications
* How to choose and use the remedies in common everyday situations
* How to use the remedies and what you can expect to experience when using them
* Using the remedies with babies and children
* Using the remedies with animals and plants
* Using the remedies in pregnancy and childbirth
* Who Dr Bach was and the broad outlines of his philosophy on health and emotional wellbeing
* The principles of Dr Bach’s system and approach to healing
* How the remedies are made and how this relates to the philosophy of Dr Bach
* Information educational materials available and further opportunities for learning, including courses and books

Come and find out what these amazing remedies can do for you and for others!

Please go to for details, or contact Roushan at, or on 0131 554 1214

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