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Posted by Karen Cumbers, Feb 18 2010 2:40PM

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GP Letter of Consent

Can anyone help??
I have recently joined a Stroke Club as a volunteer, offering massage to stroke survivors and their carers. Can anyone who's in a similar situation let me have a template for a consent/notification letter to the stroke survivor's GP? Many thanks.
Andrea Bradley
Feb 19 2010 1:03PM
Hi Karen
If you email me at I will send you a draft version of the letter and form I use, but I cant post it as an attachment on the forum.
Lisa Holyland
Feb 23 2010 9:44AM
Hi Andrea,
If its ok with you could I have a copy too pls, I will email you.
Dawn Spragg
Apr 30 2010 9:19PM

I would also be interested to compare to my own and also as another sample for my students if you do not mind, please send to Thank you so much for your generous spirit.
Kyle Sencier
Jul 12 2010 12:29PM
Hi Andrea,

Could you send me a copy of your letter and form that you use for your consultation please?



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