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Posted by Janice Hamilton, Mar 8 2010 3:45PM

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Indian Head Massage

Has anyone any experience of doing an IHM for someone suffering Vertigo? The lady in question has what her GP is calling positional vertigo and she doesn't have symptoms all the time - even though strictly it isn't a GP referral, I feel I would be safer asking her to ask her GP- she is also suffering depression and is desperate for some relaxation and thought IHM would help as she doesn't have to lie down (I have the chair, so she would be seated and supported)- could anyone help with this please?

Thanks in anticipation.
Andrea Bradley
Mar 9 2010 12:06PM
Hi Janice
As a person who has had vertigo, often what triggers it is movement of the head or neck ie looking up or down, and moving your head suddenly. Some postitions of the head make this more likly in a perticular individual and she should be able to give some info on what position of the head to avoid. The vertigo causes a distressing loss of orientation and not being able to tell if you are upright prone or falling.
I would say if you are able to find a position that is comfortable for the client with her head relitivly stable and then keep communicating 'are you ok Kathy' so that she will trust you to reasure her she is not falling. That would be very helpful.
Obviously not a medical opinion just a personal recomendation, as a person who occasionally wakes up and doesnt know if I am in bed, on the floor or falling between the two !
Janice Hamilton
Mar 9 2010 12:39PM
Thanks Andrea that is very helpful.

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